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Collistar, Anticellulite Cryo Gel Boosted Formula

Suitable for all types of cellulite and all skin types. The formula and texture make it the perfect treatment for

Collistar, Anticellulite Night Serum

Fight unsightly cellulite and reshaping the body at night while you sleep! The Collistar Research department has created the first

Collistar, Collagen Anti Wrinkle Serum

An authentic natural support for the skin, Collagen is one of the most important proteins, responsible for the firmness of

Collistar, Fresh Moisturizing Gelée Cream

fresh gel-cream hydrates and mattifies hydrated skin with no shiny patches Active Ingredients: An extraordinary gelée cream that quenches the

Collistar, Glycolic Acid Serum, 30 Ml

Extracted from sugar cane, Glycolic Acid is the ingredient most commonly used by dermatologists for peeling treatments. This alpha hydroxy

Collistar, Hyaluronic Acid Lifting Serum

Thanks to its incredible ability to absorb and retain large quantities of water, hyaluronic acid carries out a key role

Collistar, Intense Moisturizing Antipollution Balm Spf 20

soft, quickly absorbed cream hydrates and protects from UVA-UVB rays and blue light hydrated, protected skin 50 ml For all

Collistar, Magnifica Redensifyng Serum Face And Neck

A line designed to satisfy the needs of demanding skins. Perfect for all skin types. in all seasons With replumping.

Collistar, Moisturizing Aftersun Mousse

Collistar’s Moisturizing After Sun Mousse provides the skin with nurturing care post-sun exposure. It features a blend of hydrating Shea

Collistar, Pure Active – Collagen + Glycogen Serum Firming Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum, 30Ml

Concentrated drop treatment with Vegetable Collagen Amino Acids to ensure an intense anti-aging, firming and anti-wrinkle action. Vegetable Collagen Amino

Collistar, Pure Actives Hyaluronic + Polyglutamic Acid Serum, 30Ml

Collistar Pure Actives Hyaluronic + Polyglutamic Acid Serum is an effective ally against the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines,

Collistar, Siero Unico Universal Youth Essence Serum, 30Ml

Collistar Siero Unico Universal Youth Essence Serum is a universal anti-aging serum that infuses the skin with a vital boost

Collistar, Sublime Melting Milk

Collistar Body Sublime Melting Cream is an ultra-smooth, ultra-rich cream that offers immediate comfort and beauty to very dry skin.

Collistar, Vitamn C +Alpha Arbutin Serum, 30 Ml

Concentrated Brightening antioxidant drops Protects skin from oxidation Healthy, luminous skin A concentrated formula for an oxygenated, healthy and luminous

Collistar, Volumizing Oil Serum Bust

Collistar Body Volumizing Oil-Serum Bust will redefine and refill the bust area. To that end, its formula is enriched with

Dior, Prestige, La Crème – Texture Riche

The new rich texture brings the current collection a unique formula signature combining modernity and an amazing sensory experience. It

Dior, Capture Total Multi-Perfection Cream Rich Texture For Women, 60 M

A multi-tasking rejuvenating facial cream. Features an ultra-rich, lusciously fine texture. Formulated with Boosted Longoza, an exclusive anti-gravity complex. Helps

Dior, Capture Totale Intensive Restorative Night Creme Face And Neck

More beautiful and visibly younger upon waking: this is the feat of the new Capture Totale high regenerative Night Creme,

Dior, Capture Totale Intensive Restorative Night Creme Face And Neck – The Refill

Refill your Capture intensive restorative night creme in a single step. More beautiful and visibly younger upon waking : This

Dior, Capture Totale Cellular Treatment Serum Lotion,150Ml

Its fresh and ultra-penetrating formulation delivers high-performance effectiveness at the heart of the skin and helps maximize the vitalizing power

Dior, Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced Serum 30 Ml

A groundbreaking skin perfecting treatment. Features second-skin texture for ultimate comfort. Provides instant & lasting boosted correction. Contains a powerful

Dior, Capture Totale La Crème Multi-Perfection Rich Texture 60Ml (Refill)

A multi-tasking rejuvenating facial cream Features an ultra-rich lusciously fine texture Formulated with Boosted Longoza an exclusive anti-gravity complex Helps

Dior, Capture Totale Le Serum Refill 50Ml

A powerful highly concentrated anti-aging facial serum, brighter & younger looking complexion.

Dior, Capture Totale Light Cream 60 Ml

A multi-tasking rejuvenating facial cream. Features a lightweight invisible gel-cream texture. Formulated with Boosted Longoza, an exclusive anti-gravity complex. Helps

Dior, Capture Totale Multi Perfection Night Cream 60 Ml

Enriched with Longoza Extract from the Dior Gardens and grape seed, the Night Creme stimulates the nighttime regenerative power of

Dior, Capture Totale, Light Rejuvenating Cream For Face And Neck Replacement Cartridge, 60 Ml

promotes skin revitalization smooths wrinkles strengthens and brightens the skin restores flexibility unifies the color tone of the skin light

Dior, Diorsnow Anti-Spot Repairing Night Cream, 50Ml

A soothing & nourishing night cream Formulated with TECTM, an exclusive brightening complex Helps lessen the size, color & intensity

Dior, Diorsnow Essence Of Light Serum, 30Ml

The new Diorsnow Essence of Light serum is the first Dior 4QD serum that integrates the brightening power of natural-origin

Dior, Diorsnow Fresh Creme Global Transparency ,50Ml

A high-performance whitening cream With a fresh & lightweight that penetrates quickly into skin Formulated with TECTM, Dior”s exclusive brightening

Dior, Diorsnow White Perfection Anti-Spot & Transparency Brightening Serum, 50Ml

Combining Edelweiss with Mallow extract and TM Complex, the Diorsnow White Perfection Anti-spot & Transparency Brightening Serum activates the brightening

Dior, Diorsnow, Bloom Perfect – Brightening Perfect Skin Creator Spf50 – Pa+++

For the 1st time,1 one single product creates and protects the most desirable bright skin while revealing its pure light

Dior, Diorsnow,Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Crème, 50Ml

The Diorsnow Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Creme is the 1st brightening & hydrating refining creme that corrects pores and spots

Dior, Hydra Life Aqua Serum Intense Moisture, 40Ml

Concentrated in Mallow and Haberlea leaves, this essence offers 3 actions in 1 single gesture: the over-concentrated hydration of a

Dior, Hydra Life Bb Creme Enhancing Moisturizer Spf 30

Christian Dior Hydra Life BB creme enhancing sunscreen moisturizer for immediate beauty. The color of this Face Cream is Luminous

Dior, Hydra Life Close-Up Pore Reducing Pro-Youth Moisturizer, 50Ml

A luxurious moisturizer to reduce the appearance of pores Deeply hydrate, and provide a matte radiance Accumulation of dead skin

Dior, Hydra Life Sorbet Cream Intense, 50Ml

This luscious balm intensely nourishes the skin, reinforces its balance and lastingly soothes feelings of discomfort. The skin is instantly

Dior, Hydra Life, Balancing Hydration, 2 In 1 Sorbet Water, 175Ml

Like a wave of freshness, this powerful toning lotion, enriched with prebiotics, helps hydrate and rebalance the skin while minimizing

Dior, Hydra Life, Fresh Hydration – Sorbet Crème, 50Ml

Infused with mauve and haberlea leaf, this sorbet creme moisturizes, nourishes and rebalances the skin while helping strengthen its natural

Dior, L’Or De Vie – La Crème, 50Ml

L’Or de Vie La Crème reveals infinite power over the effects of time: the skin appears more resilient to both

Dior, L’Or De Vie – Le Sérum L’Or De Vie – The Refill, 30Ml

Dior has created its new skincare masterpiece: L’Or de Vie Le Sérum with 100% Yquem extracts. This rejuvenating elixir acts

Dior, L’Or De Vie – Le Sérum, 30Ml

Dior has created its new skincare masterpiece: L’Or de Vie Le Sérum with 100% Yquem extracts. This rejuvenating elixir acts

Dior, L’Or De Vie La Crème Riche – The Refill, 50Ml

Refill your crème riche L’Or de Vie in just a single step. This Crème offers a unique balance of richness

Dior, L’Or De Vie – La Crème Riche, 50Ml

This Crème offers a unique balance of richness and lightness. It delicately melts into the skin for a velvety finish.

Dior, L’Or De Vie Refill – Refill – La Crème

Committed to an eco-design approach, the House of Dior combines beauty, loyalty and sustainability by offering refillable versions of some

Dior, One Essential City Defense Toxin Shield Pollution And Uv Advanced Protection Spf 50 Pa++++

This invisible revolutionary shield offers unequaled skin protection against toxins. Thanks to a triple anti pollution action1 anti adhesion anti

Dior, One Essential Mist Lotion 125 Ml

One Essential Mist-Lotion is the first hybrid lotion with a triple anti-pollution action: cleansing, rebalancing and detoxifying. Targeting 100% of

Dior, Prestige – L’Huile Souveraine, 30Ml

Highly concentrated in Rose Souveraine Absolute, the Dior Prestige Huile Souveraine intensely replenishes lipids to the skin. Composed of 100%

Dior, Prestige, La Crème – Texture Légère

Dior creates the first light texture ideal for hot and humid climates, thanks to its exclusive Skin BreatheTM technology. It