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Eyeshadow Brush

32.00 $
This short, round, dense eye brush is made of cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Perfect for eye make-up, it can be used

Blending Brush

32.00 $
This long blending brush with a slightly flared and rounded tip is made of cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Specially designed for

Blush Brush

37.00 $
This blush brush with super-soft tapered synthetic bristles is shaped to fit the contour of the cheekbones and hollows of

Multi-Use Foundation Brush

37.00 $
A multi-use brush with incredibly soft cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Its flared shape makes it easier to apply liquid, cream or

Foundation Brush

37.00 $
This flat and rounded cat’s tongue foundation brush is made of incomparably soft and cruelty-free synthetic bristles. It allows you

Powder Brush

44.00 $
This dense and rounded powder brush made of incomparably soft synthetic bristles can be used to apply both compact and