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Phoxx Fangs

11,080,000 LBP
PHOXX FANGS CLUTCH COLLECTION Statement clutch with custom fangs clasp. Chain available inside. SKU: PHX008 Python Magnetic closure custom fangs

Phoxx Fangs Box

5,416,000 LBP
PHOXX FANGS BOX COLLECTION A classic clutch made from wood with two custom gold plated fangs. SKU: PHX009 Tweed Magnetic

Phoxx Large Victoria Clutch

6,471,000 LBP
PHOXX VICTORIA CLUTCH A striking 3D clutch made from wood covered with genuine leather. Strik a pose with this edgy

Phoxx Petra Clutch

PHOXX PETRA CLUTCH A long soft leather clutch handcrafted by two separate compartments. SKU: PHX006 Embossed Crocodile Magnetic closure Silver hardware