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Tefal, Cookware Set 5 Pieces

1,608,000 LBP
Set includes: Frypan 20, Frypan 24, Stewpot 24+ Lid, Spatula

Tefal, G6 Natural Force 5Pcs Set (Frypan 20Cm, Frypan 24Cm, Stewpot 24Cm + Lid, Wood Spoon

3,780,000 LBP
G6 Natural Force 5pcs Set (Frypan 20cm, frypan 24cm, stewpot 24cm + lid, wood spoon

Tefal, G6 Natural Force 5Pcs Set (Frypan 20Cm, Saucepan 20Cm, Stewpot 24Cm + Lid, Wood Spoon

3,960,000 LBP
T-fal Official StoreWe present you the best T-fal kitchen game. Maximum quality and duration for the Natural Force set manufactured in

Tefal, Hard Stone, 8 Piece Set, Safe Non Stick Enamel Coating

5,422,000 LBP
Stewpot 28cm with glass lid / 7.9 Liter Stewpot 22cm with glass lid / 3.8 Liter Stewpot 20cm with glass

Tefal, Pleasure – 9 Pieces Set

6,156,000 LBP
Thanks to their cutting edge technology, Tefal pots and pans represent excellence in kitchen pans both in terms of durability

Tefal, Resist Intense 12 Pc Set Stewpots 22/26 Cm, Frypans 24/28 Cm, Shallow Pan 26 Cm, Spoon, Shopper, Ladle, Spatula

5,688,000 LBP
Tefal Resist Intense Pots and Pans: Frypan 24-28 cm Stewpot 22/26 cm with glass lid Shallow pot 28 cm with

Tefal, Resist Intense 7 Pc Set Stewpots 22/26 Cm, Frypan 28 Cm, Sautepan 24 Cm

4,968,000 LBP
Ultra resistant inside and out For extreme durability at uncompromising standards of quality, the Tefal Resist Intense pots and pans

Tefal, Super Cook Set 5 Pieces Non-Stick Cookware Aluminum Black B143S585

1,608,000 LBP
EASY CLEANING: Non-stick coating inside and out for effortless cleaning. EASY-TO-USE: Ideal features and design to help beginners get started