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Beesline Feminine Hygienic Wash 200 ML W20*

122,550 LBP
Beesline Intimate Lotion 200ml is a mild, sterile herbal, mild herbal cleanser that gently cleanses and moisturizes and soothes the

Beesline Propolis Facial Wash 250 ML W20*

135,000 LBP
A gentle foaming gel that thoroughly cleanses the skin, reducing oily secretions & breakouts through Propolis’s powerful antimicrobial, purifying &

Beesline Whitening Facial Soap 85G W21*

43,700 LBP
A moisturising soap rich in honey & radiance boosting extracts. Deeply cleanses & refreshes the skin while brightening the complexion

Beesline Whitening Facial Wash 20*

136,000 LBP
A gentle cleanser that removes dirt & oils while its natural whitening properties rejuvenate, brighten & even the skin’s complexion.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask

3,825,000 LBP
An Innovative, High-Performance Foil-Backed Sheet Mask, Contains A Double Dose Of Advanced Night Repair Serum’S Powerful Moisture Magnet, Blended With

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Purifying Exfoliating Mask

2,268,000 LBP
Estée Lauder Clear Difference Purifying Exfoliating Mask Is An Intense Treatment Mask That Draws Out Impurities And Removes Excess Oil

Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

1,405,000 LBP
Estée Lauder Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Is A Specific Cleanser For The Eye Area That Gently Dissolves Eyeshadow And Mascara,

Estee Lauder Perfctly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser / Purifying Mask

1,576,000 LBP
Treat Your Skin With This Refreshing Foam That Cleanses Gently Yet Thoroughly, The Creamy Formula Rapidly Lathers Into A Rich

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Creme Cleanser/Moisture Mask

1,553,000 LBP
A Skin Refining & Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser That Contains Gentle Exfoliating Beads That Gently Cleanse & Exfoliate Skin Without

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Creme Cleanser/Moisture Mask

1,576,000 LBP
Indulge Your Skin With This Lusciously Rich Creme That Cushions As It Gently Cleanses. The Multi-Action, Non-Foaming Creme Formula Conditions

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple-Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover

1,553,000 LBP
A Refreshing 3-In-1 Lathering Cleanser, Toner & Makeup Remover, Helps Mildly Yet Thoroughly Remove Impurities & Makeup Including Long Wear

Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover

1,616,000 LBP
The Nourishing Facial Cleansing Effectively And Gently Removes Make-Up And Refreshes Your Skin, Your Cells Are Supplied With Rich Moisture

Garnier Pure Active Hand Sanitiser Gel

33,250 LBP
Garnier Pure Atv Hand Sanitiser Gel 125ml Hand Sanitiser Gel: for use on hands only, in a no rinse formula.

Lirene Smoothing Micellar Solution Magnolia

154,000 LBP
Lirene Micellar water with magnolia extract is a product that combines ritual in combination with skin care. Effectively removes makeup

Lirene Super Food Face Wash Gel Chia & Goji

267,000 LBP
A natural washing gel with a delicate formula, it thoroughly removes impurities, excess sebum and makeup, leaving the skin fully

LOreal Clay Wash Red 150 ML

176,500 LBP
, PURE CLAYS + RED ALGAE Kaolin- a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum Montmorillonite-

Men Barber Club Wash 200 ML

104,000 LBP
, THE BARBER?S TIPS Every morning, apply warm water to your beard, face, and hair and massage the cleansing gel

Men Hydra Energetic Gel Wash 150 ML

107,000 LBP
, For men of all ages, the Hydra Power Cleanser is a powerful cleanser that not only washes away dullness

Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser Is For Normal & Combination Skin. Gentle Yet Thoroughly Cleans & Rebalances

Sisley Blanc Facial Gel 100 ML

4,727,000 LBP
Phyto-Blanc Buff And Wash Facial Gel Cleanses The Skin And Exfoliates Dead Cells And Impurities In A Single Gesture. Its

Sisley Phyto Clanc Foam Cleanser 101

4,796,000 LBP
Phyto-Blanc Lightening Foaming Cleanser Is A Foaming, Creamy Gel That Gently Cleans The Face And Eliminates Impurities. The Combination Of

Take It Away Gentle Eye And Lip Long-Wear Makeup Remover

1,566,000 LBP
Estée Lauder Take It Away Gentle Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover Is An Eye And Lip Makeup Remover That Dissolves

Ultra Doux Conditioner Replenishing Honey And Propolis

130,000 LBP
ULTRA SOFT CARE RECIPES FOR NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL HAIR. Ultra DOUX offers a whole range of products formulated with natural ingredients selected

Ultra Doux Moisturizing Almond Milk Conditioner

130,000 LBP
Discover Nourishing Almond Milk Conditioner, the new healthy and gourmet nutrition recipe from Garnier Ultra gentle to hydrate hair without

Ultra Doux With Chamomile And Honey Conditioner

130,000 LBP
Garnier Ultra Doux Almond Milk Conditioner for all types of hair: With 98% Natural Origin Ingredients, made from Organic extracts