Genifque Eye Mask Lancome AT Mengotti Couture
Genifque Eye Mask X2

Genifque Eye Mask X2

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A soothing and illuminating eye sheet mask shown to instantly reduce the appearance of undereye bags, puffy eyes, dark undereye circles and rejuvenate the full orbital eye area.

The Lancôme Hydrogel Melting 360? Eye Mask contains the same amount of bifidus extract found in half a bottle of Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ (20ml bottle).
With a hydrogel melting texture, this eye mask works in just 20-minutes, leaving eyes feeling fresh and smoothed. Eyes, not only appear visibly brighter and younger, but fine lines seem reduced.

Step 1:
Unfold the mask. Remove the transparent film and apply onto clean skin, gel side down on skin.
Step 2:
Remove the white outer protection on the front of the mask.
Step 3:
Let the mask melt onto the eye area for up to 20-minutes.

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