Hermes Twilly Eau Poivree-Perfume & Fragrances-Hermes-Mengotti Couture®
Hermes Twilly Eau Poivree-Perfume & Fragrances-Hermes-50 ML-lb-Mengotti Couture®

Hermes Twilly Eau Poivree

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fragrance only for girls who are a bit "Peperine". A fragrance animated by the pink pepper protagonist! Softened by refined rose, elegant thanks to the light notes of pachtouli. Spicy, flowery, woodsy. The Hermes girls dictate the law, they follow their imposing rhythm, they are counter-current, sparkling and definitely sure of themselves. A Perfume that pays homage to young girls, to their rebellious spirit. The nose of the fragrance is Christine Nagel and with her creation she wants to convey from the skin to the soul all the feelings of the young girls of today, the Hermes girls

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