Lancome Hydrazen Cream SPF 50ML Lancome AT Mengotti Couture
Hydrazen Cream SPF 50ML

Hydrazen Cream SPF 50ML

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A deeply hydrating daytime face cream, ideal for dry skin and sensitive skin types, to keep skin feeling refreshed, replenished and looking radiant.

For intense hydration, this is one of the best moisturizers for those with dry skin or normal/sensitive skin.

Each day environmental aggressors, such as air pollutants, low humidity and extreme temperatures can affect skin, and Hydra Zen Day Cream fits into any morning routine. Commuters and avid travelers will feel at ease having this face cream in their skincare/makeup kit as this product reduces the feeling of tightness. Skin looks softer, smoother and more comfortable, while also seeming more supple and elastic, with dullness reduced.

One of Lancôme’s best moisturizers for 24-hour hydration. A creamy texture, with a delicate fragrance, this moisturizer helps to comfort skin, leaving facial skin feeling replenished, soothed and looking more luminous.

After one-day, skin tone looks more even and skin irritation seems reduced. After four-weeks, signs of stress look reduced, as well as redness. Skin looks healthier, revitalized, toned and skin quality improved

Smooth onto your skin after applying the Beauty Essence. Follow with your eye care.

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