Jacomo Eau De Toilette-Perfume & Fragrances-Jacomo-100 ML-lb-Mengotti Couture®

Jacomo Eau De Toilette

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Jacomo Silver Cologne by Jacomo, Spices and sweetness are the main characteristics of Jacomo Silver cologne. It came out in 2007 and has many rich notes throughout its profile. The prominent notes at the top of this fragrance include black pepper and citruses. This leads into additional aromas of pimento, nutmeg and coffee. Amber and tonka bean make up the base.

The Jacomo brand got its start in the late 1960s. This is when Gerard Courtin and James Kaplan first met in New York. They launched their first boutique, which featured chic fashions New York socialites fell in love with. Shortly thereafter, the company got into the perfume-making industry. The brandÕs fragrances caught on in a big way, and today, perfumes are mostly what the company is known for. Sarbec Cosmetics acquired the brand house in 1995, and it took it in a slightly different direction. The company now focuses on manufacturing high-quality luxury fragrances

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