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Jeanne Arthes Cotton Club Edt

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Cotton Club Cologne by Jeanne Arthes, French maker Jeanne Arthes proves that a fragrance can be both seductively sweet and undeniably manly with Cotton Club, a woody barbershop fougere rich in the cool notes that make the genre enduringly popular. Cotton Club opens with a flourish, its top notes of cool lavender and sharp citrus setting the stage. A heart dominated by lily of the valley lends a clean, bright aura. This fragrance dries down to a smoldering base of warm notes including musk, sandalwood, Virginia cedar and patchouli. A touch of suave vanilla balances the sweeter elements of this fragrance and contributes to a notably long sillage. This fragrance is an offering of Jeanne Arthes, a division of Arthes Group. This French brand has produced over 150 perfumes and colognes since its founding in 1978, and distributes fragrances under three labels. Perfumer Jean-Pierre Bethouart is the nose behind many of the brandÕs popular signature fragrances.

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