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L'oreal Age Perfect Toner

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Age Perfect Toning Lotion helps de-crinkle, cleanse and re-energise mature skin leaving it fresh and bright. Skin feels replenished and facial features appear revived. Mature skin seems to regain its youthfulness! , With age, skin weakens and shows the signs of fatigue. In the morning, skin feels wrinkled and facial contours appear less defined. Some cleansing products may be unsuitable for women with mature skin as they can damage the skin?s protective barrier. To combat this, the L?Or‚al Laboratories have created Age Perfect cleansing for women with mature skin, aged 50 years and over.
Both Age Perfect Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion are enriched with Magnesium to cleanse the skin while Vitamin C is present to re-energise. , Apply daily on cleansed face.

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