Mission Perfection Serum-Skincare-Clarins-Mengotti Couture®
Mission Perfection Serum-Skincare-Clarins-Mengotti Couture®

Mission Perfection Serum

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Age spots, discolouration, dark areas, marks from acne, dullness, redness… This innovative anti-dark-spot serum corrects skin pigment disorders without altering the skin's natural tone. The result of a major scientific advance, this pioneering anti-dark spot serum for all women fights pigmentation disorders and restores a luminous complexion without altering the skin tone.MAJOR SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEClarins is the first to discover the role of cell messengers known as exosomes in pigmentation.PRODUCT ACTIONS• The innovative anti-dark spot power of acerola extract, a Clarins discovery, combined with that of hexylresorcinol, a leading anti-dark spot molecule.• Exceptional skin-illuminating expertise. Your skin is left perfectly even and radiant. • Reveal the most beautiful skin tone, yours.Dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic.

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