Porsche Design 180 Eau De Toilette-Perfume & Fragrances-Porsche Design-100 ML-lb-Mengotti Couture®

Porsche Design 180 Eau De Toilette

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Some scents bring memories.ÊOthers inspire new ones.ÊThe Porsche Design 180 is a contemporary interpretation of the classic aromatic flaxen aroma.ÊPerfume Nicolas Beaulieu was inspired by the world of Porsche Design, how they combined function, technology and innovation, heritage and a modern lifestyle.ÊHe interpreted this idea to create an elegant, masculine and expressive scent.ÊWhat makes the Porsche Design 180 bottle truly unique is its amazing rotation: when you slowly rotate the black mat bottom 180 degrees to the left, the spray button automatically rises up.ÊWhen turned 180 degrees to the right, the knob goes back and the bottle is closed.ÊProtected against UV light and safe in a luggage case.

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