Prada Candy Night Eau De Parfume-Perfume & Fragrances-Prada-80 ML-lb-Mengotti Couture®

Prada Candy Night Eau De Parfume

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Prada Candy Night Perfume by Prada, if you love the idea of smelling scrumptious enough to eat, then you'll definitely want to explore Prada Candy Night, the latest addition to the iconic brand's fun and flirtatious Candy line. Lively, energetic, and sweetly sensuous, it's a delectable gourmand scent that's appealingly youthful while remaining beautifully balanced and elegant. Fresh, sunny top notes include a refreshing hint of ripe, juicy orange. Decadent, creamy swirls of caramel and chocolate bring a hint of richness to the scent, while a sultry dose of delicate white musk finishes your experience on a light but passionate note.

This daring new fragrance was first introduced to the legendary Prada fragrance line in 2019. Like other blends in the brand's catalog, it seeks to perfectly illustrate the feminine personality from a unique and creative perspective. It's presented in a smoky midnight purple take on the Candy line's unmistakable bottle shape, the better to fit in with the rest of your collection

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