Sisley Eau De Campagne Eau De Toilette

Sisley Eau De Campagne Eau De Toilette

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Eau De Campagne Cologne by Sisley, Eau De Campagne, created in 1974, is a fresh, energizing cologne for the modern man.ÊReminiscent of dewy meadows and deep forests, it embodies the greens of nature. Lemon and bergamot top notes balance each other with a mix of sour and sweet. Both citrus ingredients bring a joyful blast of juiciness to the fragrance. Jasmine and lily of the valley provide the floral middle notes, layering on a powdery and dreamy sophistication. Plum and basil finish theÊcologne with alternating kicks of dark sweetness and earthy spice. Like a spring breeze, Eau De Campagne lingers throughout the day.

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