Stella Mccartney Eau De Parfum

Stella Mccartney Eau De Parfum

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Stella Perfume by Stella Mccartney, Stella is a modern romantic floral perfume for women. This sophisticated fragrance opens with rose oil, peony and mandarin orange. The scentÕs sole middle note is rose, lending its classic, heady and highly feminine qualities. Rose in the heart, the focus of the scent, is not to be confused with the old-fashioned reputation of rose in perfumery. In this fragrance, the flower in focus is chic and retro. The scent rests beautifully on a base of resinous amber, which brings its warm, sweet and uniquely powdery essence.

Perfumer Jaques Cavallier designed this exceptional scent for Stella McCartney, who released the fragrance in 2003. This versatile scent has moderate longevity and sillage. It is subtle enough for daytime wear yet holds interest enough for evenings out and special occasions. With so many wearing opportunities, this is a good choice for a signature scent, enchanting the wearer and garnering attention both day and night.

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