Ultra Doux With Camomile And Flower Honey Illuminating Conditioner-Hair Care-Garnier-Mengotti Couture®

Ultra Doux With Camomile And Flower Honey Illuminating Conditioner

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Ultra Doux Camomile and Flower Honey Conditioner is for light hair. Helps detangle the hair, accentuating the luminosity and the brilliance of light hair.
Camomile: In infusion, it calms and soothes. Also renowned for its purifying, refreshing and soothing properties, it is used in the composition of many cleansing lotions and care for the eye contour. , 1) Pour a dab of hair conditioner into your hands.
2) Apply the product on washed and rinsed hair.
3) Divide the product over all of the tips of your hair
4) Rinse thoroughly until your hair is free from the conditioner
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

Result: Extremely easy to comb, your hair regains an irresistible softness. Without being weighed down, they are incredibly brilliant and brilliant. For more nutrition, discover the mask with chamomile and flower honey.

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