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Valentino Valentina Eau De Parfum

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Valentina Perfume by Valentino, With gentle glass flowers decorating the artful bottle, you can imagine the sweet softness of white floral in Valentina. This fragrance, released in 2011, opens with the remarkable scent of truffle and a splash of bergamot. The heart is full of the gracious floral scents of jasmine, tuberose, and orang flower with the wholesome sweetness of strawberry. The base is mostly vanilla with subtle hints of amber and cedar. The fragrance is far from overpowering and embraces you close to your skin, making a suitable fragrance for everyday use, but also a dramatic addition to a night out with someone special.

The Italian fashion house of Valentino began by specializing in womenÕs apparel and shoes before branching out to include fragrances and accessories. The brand offers a complete look from haute couture to casual wear. With several acclaims from schools of art and design, the brand continues in its tradition of elegance and class.

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