Tefal, Cookware Set 5 Pieces

1,793,000 LBP
Set includes: Frypan 20, Frypan 24, Stewpot 24+ Lid, Spatula

Tefal, G6 Natural Force 5Pcs Set (Frypan 20Cm, Frypan 24Cm, Stewpot 24Cm + Lid, Wood Spoon

4,217,000 LBP
G6 Natural Force 5pcs Set (Frypan 20cm, frypan 24cm, stewpot 24cm + lid, wood spoon

Tefal, G6 Natural Force 5Pcs Set (Frypan 20Cm, Saucepan 20Cm, Stewpot 24Cm + Lid, Wood Spoon

4,418,000 LBP
T-fal Official StoreWe present you the best T-fal kitchen game. Maximum quality and duration for the Natural Force set manufactured in

Tefal, Hard Stone, 8 Piece Set, Safe Non Stick Enamel Coating

5,622,000 LBP
Stewpot 28cm with glass lid / 7.9 Liter Stewpot 22cm with glass lid / 3.8 Liter Stewpot 20cm with glass

Tefal, Resist Intense 12 Pc Set Stewpots 22/26 Cm, Frypans 24/28 Cm, Shallow Pan 26 Cm, Spoon, Shopper, Ladle, Spatula

7,068,000 LBP
Tefal Resist Intense Pots and Pans: Frypan 24-28 cm Stewpot 22/26 cm with glass lid Shallow pot 28 cm with

Tefal, Simply Chef 10 Piece Set Orange B092Sa85

3,486,000 LBP
Set includes : Frypan 24cm Stewpots 22cm + 26cm + Lids Saucepan 16cm + lid Wokpan 26cm 2 kitchen utensils:

Tefal, Simply Chef 15 Piece Set Orange B092Se85

4,813,000 LBP
Frypans 24cm & 28cm, Stewpots 24,cm & 30cm +Lids, Saucepan 18cm +lid, Wokpan 36cm, Sautepan 24cm +lid, 4 kitchen utensils

Tefal, Simply Chef 9 Piece Set Orange B092S985

3,237,000 LBP
Set includes: Frypan 24cm Saucepan 16cm + lid Sautepan 26cm + lid Stewpots 22cm & 26cm + lids

Tefal, Simply Cook 9 Piece Set Purple B093S986

3,319,000 LBP
Frypan 24cm, Saucepan 16cm + lid, Sautepan 26cm + lid, Stewpots 22cm & 26cm + lids Dependable Non,Stick Coating: Putting