PHOXX is a brand that aims at redefining the conventional meaning of a handbag. Changing the notion of “a beautiful handbag should cost a fortune”. Each PHOXX bag is sophisticated in it’s own way, by merging geometric shapes and organic patterns along with different kind of premium leather. PHOXX bags are designed to ad an edge to your little black dress or over-sized hoodie, whether to a gala dinner or a girl’s night out. The brand believes in merging the term “cosmopolitan” with the word “hipster”. And focus on catering for this niche segment, that appreciates what’s different and can definitely handle the wild!


This collection was inspired by the logo of the brand, intrigued by the sharpness and edginess of the logo itself. Also using various shapes and lines in creating patterns that would add a twist to some of the de- signs. While the rest of the collection was conceived by dissecting the fox’s body parts, including their fangs to achieve a fierce and bold. Also integrated various tweeds among the usage of certain fabrics to give the entire collection a winter feel.”

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