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Wibo Spicy Lip Gloss

3.30 $
Description Contains chilli pepper extract with stimulating and exciting effect on the blood circulation. Causes sexual highlighting and enhancement of

Wibo Smooth N Wear Matte Powder

3.30 $
Description Universal compact powders, for all skin tones. They provide a smooth and matte finish. Prolongs the duration of the

Wibo Nude Ttitude Eyeshadow Palette

10.00 $
Description A palette of 12 intensely pigmented shadows with an easy-to-blend formula for endless eye make-up possibilities, whether for nights

Wibo Liquid Metal Lipstick

Description An innovative formula that gives a metallic effect. Intense colors of extraordinary durability, they melt in the lips staying

Wibo Eyebrows Pomade

Description Waterproof eyebrow pomade with a creamy texture melts into the skin to colour and discipline the eyebrows at the

Wibo Eye Pencil

2.00 $
Description Eye-contouring pencil with sharpener. Ideal as an eye liner. In a new extended shape allows for precise painting of

Wibo -Automatic Eyeliner

2.30 $
Description Automatic, waterproof eye-contouring pencil. Provides a long-lasting effect, easy to use because it requires no tempering. Rich colours suited

Wibo *Into The Wild* – Powder Highlighter Full Moon

Description Powder blush Pink Heat by Wibo, a special and at the same time classic product with which you will

Wibo – X Stysio* – Powder Highlighter – Glow God Glitter

5.90 $
Description Particle face highlighter. Allows you to achieve one of the most desired make-up finishes ? the wet skin look.

Wibo – Wibo – Eyebrow Gel Tinted Brow Gel

4.50 $
Description Eyebrow gel Tinted Brow Gel by Wibo , the eyebrow mask you need on your dressing table. This gel

Wibo – Spicy Lip Gloss

0.00 $3.30 $
Description It contains chili extract, which stimulates and stimulates blood circulation. Causes of sexy enhancement and enlargement of the lips.

Wibo – Photogenic Stick Foundation

Description Makeup base in the form of a bar . Ideal for contouring, it offers a high level of coverage

Wibo – Million Dollar Matte Lip Liner

3.30 $
Description A lip liner pencil colour-wise suited to the Million Dollar Lipstick. Comfortable application as well as long-lasting formula of

Wibo – Million Dollar Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

0.00 $4.00 $
Description Matte liquid lipstick Creamy, highly pigmented and with a smooth texture, it will hydrate your lips and create a

Wibo – Lipliner – Nude Lips

Description The formula of perfect softness allows you to precisely define the contour of your lips, so that you can

Wibo – Lip Define Pencil

2.50 $
Description Durable, intense lip liner with Vitamin E. Perfectly highlights any shape of the lips, leaving a fine contour. Soft,

Wibo – Juicy Color Lipstick

2.60 $
Description 2 in 1 lipstick and lip balm. Creamy lipstick in juicy colours, not only perfectly covers but also moisturises

Wibo – High Gloss Lipgloss

Description Super pigmented and shiny lip gloss. It has a formula that will provide a bright reflex effect, which also

Wibo – Go Nude Eyeshadow Palette

10.00 $
Description Beautiful palette with 12 shadows to get the perfect look. These shadows have high pigmentation and easily blur. This

Wibo – French Manicure Nail Polish

Description Wibo’s French Manicure is a collection of nail enamels dedicated to French manicure. Classic and elegant tones for a

Wibo – Eyebrow Pencil Shape & Define

3.30 $
Description Water-resistant eyebrow pencil with beveled tip, which It allows to create perfect eyebrows. A pencil that corrects the eyebrows

Wibo – Eye Pencil 2 In 1 Color Shine

Description This 2 in 1 pencil from Wibo emphasizes your eyes and eyebrows. It is the ideal pencil for a

Wibo – Concealer Cream Camouflage

3.00 $
Perfect to cover discolorations and marks. Thanks to the cream formula, it hides even the most marked imperfections of the

Wibo – Blusher I Choose What I Want

Description Thanks to HD pigments, it visually softens the skin and minimizes the visibility of pores. Wibo has a small

Wibo – Beach Cruiser Bronzing Powders

7.30 $
Description These bronzing powders give your skin the effect of a subtle tan. They will highlight the tanned skin tone.

Wibo – Adorable Matte Lipstick

2.50 $
Description A highly pigmented and durable formula. Comfortable application and with a matt finish. A wide range of colors that

Wibo – 3 Steps To Perfect Face Contour Powder Palette

4.50 $
Description Get a perfect modeling and contouring the face with this palette of blush, illuminator and powder bronzer: Rouge: accentuates

Wibo – 3 In 1 Eyebrow Stylist Pencil

4.30 $
Description 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil, perfect for perfect eyebrows. This pencil contains a fine and precise tip, a beveled tip and

Wibo – 2 In 1 Eyebrow Automatic System

3.80 $
Description Perfect automatic eyebrow pencil with double tip. On the one hand, it contains an ideal bevel lead for drawing

Wibo – *Katosu* – Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow

Description Glitter eyeshadow from the KatOsu collection. Its creamy formula is applied easily and evenly throughout the eyelid. Get an

Wibo – *Fitfreak * – Lipstick Duo Sweat Proof

Desription 2-in-1 lipstick from the FitFreak collection of Wibo. This lipstick contains a lip liner and lipstick for you to

Wibo – *Fitfreak * – Foundation Forever Better Skin

8.00 $
Description Fluid foundation Forever Better Skin with which you will get a medium to high coverage. This makeup base is

Wibo -Wibo X Stysio – Powder Highlighter – Sunlighter Classic

Description Particle face highlighter. Allows you to achieve one of the most desired make-up finishes – the wet skin look

Wibo Rhythm Of Freedom Eyeshadow Palette

Description Very practical and super pigmented shadow palette. Its excellent formula allows shadows to combine and slide easily. Created with

Wibo Modern Eyeshadow

8.50 $
Description The second edition of our iconic NEUTRAL palette. It delights with a wide range of the most fashionable colors,

Wibo Get Wild Dry Oil Highlighter

Description A highlighting face, body and hair oil with a composition of oils extracted from seven flowers: rose, jasmine, neroli,

Wibo- Eyebrow Shaping Kit: 02

Description A set of eyebrow powders in two versions: light and dark. A must-have in every woman’s cosmetic bag. Thanks

Wibo- Eyebrow Shaping

5.80 $
Description This kit is a must in your bag. With your help you can highlight the beauty of your eyebrows,

Wibo Concealer Deluxe

3.80 $
Description New Deluxe brightening concealer with warm color saturation for use on the sensitive skin around the eyes. Enriched with

Wibo *Baby Doll* – Blush + Highlighter Doll Case

Description The baked brightening blush. A unique product that will brighten the skin and give it a healthy blush. Its

Wibo – Volume Drama Mascara

Description Get the maximum volume on your lashes! The black pigments provide density and an intense color. Do not create

Wibo – Vitamin Your Lashes 2 In 1 Serum For Eyelashes

3.50 $
Description You will get shine on the damaged eyelashes, regenerate, stimulate the growth and thicken the eyelashes. The formula responsible

Wibo – Unicorn Tears Complexion Booster And Primer

Description Serum for the face of fast absorption. Its formula provides deep hydration and revitalizes your skin. It contains extracts

Wibo – Silicone Foundation Primer – Primer Base

4.50 $
Description Wibo’s Primer Base makeup smoothes the skin and visibly reduces pores. Its gel formula is very light and improves

Wibo – Shape & Define Eyebrow Fixing Gel

3.30 $
Description Transparent and light, combs and sets without weighing with just a few touches. Your silicone applicator brush is precise,