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4 Items Brush Kit

1,819,000 LBP
All the brushes are made from the finest natural hair and each is carefully designed to perfectly meet specific uses.

All Eyes On Me

880,000 LBP
Reveal the beauty of your eyes with the original kajal that made the eyeliner the most popular makeup tool in

Backlighting by Bassam Fattouh

2,000,000 LBP
Benefits Lightweight Texture Revitalizing and Smooth Application High Frost Finish Sheer Coverage Dual Body and Face Functionality Recommended For All

Baked Illuminator by Bassam Fattouh

1,200,000 LBP1,600,000 LBP
shines as a stunning blush and bronzer: two in one! Easy to blend, it provides sheer coverage and a silky

Banana Brush Bf22

1,009,000 LBP
Bassam Fattouh uses this brush to apply and shade eyeshadow evenly for the Banana makeup look


1,225,337 LBP
shines as a stunning blush and bronzer: two in one! Easy to blend, it provides sheer coverage and a silky

Bassam Fattouh Bassam Fattouh The Bride Light Shine Bride Set

2,698,000 LBP
Bassam fattouh’s perfect kit of a glamorous highlighter with a highlighter brush.

Bassam Fattouh Bassam Fattouh Velour Jawaher & Lip Gloss Q8 & Mattetricks Valentine Set

1,620,000 LBP

Bassam Fattouh Bassam Fattouh Velour Noora & Lipstick & Lip Gloss Babydoll Set

1,620,000 LBP


Oriental Lashes has a highly versatile, long lasting formula that gives an outstanding lengthening effect and creamy, luxurious feel; Benefits

Bassam Fattouh Lip Liner Mood

720,000 LBP
Polish your beauty look with these lip-perfecting Matte Lip Liners. Lightweight with a soft, creamy texture to glide comfortably on

BASSAM FATTOUH Nostalgie D’orient Set of 3 Pcs

1,557,000 LBP
Bassam Fattouh’s Nostalgie d’Orient captures his passion and stories from the Middle East in a set of 3 beautifully designed

Bassam Fattouh Velour & Lip Gloss & Lipstick Haifa Set

1,620,000 LBP

BB Cream by Bassam Fattouh

1,920,000 LBP
Benefits Hydrates Skin Evens Out Tone Brightens Complexion Erases Imperfections Smoothes and Lightens Skin Protects from UV Rays Excellent Staying

Beesline Lip &Eye Make Up Remover 150 ML W21*

136,000 LBP
A biphasic makeup remover that swiftly removes waterproof & long-lasting makeup while targeting dark circles to promote a luminous complexion

Bell Behypoallergenic Lightening Concealer

176,000 LBP
The HYPOAllergenic Lightening Concealer leaves the skin feeling moisturized and smooth. The silica it contains reflects the light intensively and

Bell Colour Lipstick

153,000 LBP
New generation of lipsticks A great variety of timeless tones with a satin effect. Its consistency ensures a comfortable application

Bell Full Shine Eyeshadow

95,000 LBP
Give your look a bright touch with the new eye shadow of Bell. Ideal size to carry in the daily

Bell Hypo Fresh Mat Pocket Powder

279,000 LBP
Bell HYPOAllergenic Fresh Mat Pocket Powder with Mirror Lid – 01 Alabaster Hypoallergenic matting powder. It gives the skin a

Bell Hypo Multi Bronzer Powder

149,000 LBP
Treat yourself to an appetising tan with pearly highlights! The light texture spreads easily on the skin and gives it

Bell Hypo Skin Camouflage Concealer

119,000 LBP
The Skin Camouflage Concealer from HYPOAllergenic consists of four color-correcting, creamy concealer shades that reliably balance and conceal various forms

Bell Hypoallerge Pore Correcting Primer

297,000 LBP
Bell HYPOAllergenic Pore Correcting Primer against enlarged pores reduces the visibility of pores and strengthens the function of the protective

Bell Hypoallergenic All In Primer

137,000 LBP
Primer universal make-up that eliminates the signs of fatigue. It provides a Matt effect finish, velvety, prolonging the life of

Bell Hypoallergenic Anti-Redness Primer

297,000 LBP
Neutralizes redness and conceals skin imperfections, making the blood vessels and discolouration is almost invisible. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin

Bell Hypoallergenic Beauty Glow Primer

282,000 LBP
Unusual power of beautifying base! Thanks to the derivative of hyaluronic acid and a specially selected refreshing ingredient, you gain

Bell Hypoallergenic Blend Stick Make

149,000 LBP
Makeup stick, with automatic, brush is not needed for your application. It has a double effect: – Unifies the tone

Bell Hypoallergenic Brow Liner

123,000 LBP
Bell hypoallergenic eyebrow pencil Brow Liner. This pencil is ideal for defining and delineating the desired shape of the eyebrows

Bell Hypoallergenic Brow Mascara

158,000 LBP
Bell’s Brow Tinted Mascara. A hypoallergenic eyebrow mask that allows you to mold the desired shape to your eyebrows and

Bell Hypoallergenic Contour Palette

137,000 LBP
A set of two neutral face contouring shades. The dark color makes your face look slimmer, whereas the light one

Bell Hypoallergenic Contour Stick

149,000 LBP
Automatic, no need to brush for your application. Ideal for modelling and shaping the contours of the face. Provides freshness

Bell Hypoallergenic Eye Brow Set

182,000 LBP
Modelling eyebrow styling kit. Corrects the shape of the eyebrows It highlights their natural colour Precise in use He emphasises

Bell Hypoallergenic French Nail Enamel

80,000 LBP
Hypoallergenic French manicure. Glazes give a healthy-looking nails. The technologically advanced formula oxygenates the plate of nails under the enamel.

Bell Hypoallergenic Fresh Glow Illuminating Powder Pearl Pigments

165,000 LBP
Make a great impression with fresh, natural skin. HYPOAllergenic Fresh Blush is a brightening blush that gently accentuates your cheeks

Bell Hypoallergenic Illuminating Stick

149,000 LBP
Illuminating with automatic system, brush is not needed for your application. It has luminous effect and creamy texture.

Bell Hypoallergenic Lash Booster Eyeliner Pen

131,000 LBP
Eyelash Strengthening Hypoallergenic Eyeliner Combination of eyeliner with a delicate serum to strengthen eyelashes. Its intense pigmentation creates a dramatic

Bell Hypoallergenic Liquid Eye Concealer

176,000 LBP
It illuminates, it hides the signs of fatigue, hiding dark circles. Visibly reduces wrinkles. It ensures a radiant and refreshed

Bell Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Nail Enamel

80,000 LBP
HYPOAllergenic Long Lasting Nail Enamel – these are rich, intense and high-gloss colors that keep the nail healthy. The innovative,

Bell Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Sculpting Make-Up 03

109,000 LBP
Contour cream hypoallergenic for contouring. Three tones that allow mold and highlight facial features and hide their imperfections. Clearer hue

Bell Hypoallergenic Long Wear Eye Pencil

116,000 LBP
Intense eye pencil suitable for people with sensitive eyes, using glasses or contact lenses. Thanks to the special polymer content

Bell Hypoallergenic Long Wear Mascara

149,000 LBP
Mask eyelashes of long duration, that lengthens and thickens the lashes slightly. Give a finish that is durable, resistant to

Bell Hypoallergenic Make-Up Primer Stick

149,000 LBP
Light formula, velvet application. The primer spreads perfectly and does not leave streaks. Stick form makes application extremely convenient. The

Bell Hypoallergenic Mat Liquid Lipstick

153,000 LBP
A matte lipstick collection designed in collaboration with the Ambassador of the hypoallergenic line Marcelina Zawadzka and inspired by cities

Bell Hypoallergenic Mat&Smooth Make-Up Base 01

297,000 LBP
Bell HYPOAllergenic Mat & Smooth Make Up Base. The base applied on the skin before putting on makeup extends its

Bell Hypoallergenic Modelling Rouge Powder Dermatologist Approved

71,000 LBP
Contains ultra-micronized talc, which ensures easy application and leaves the skin silky soft to the touch. Gives silky, sensual finish