Lirene brand is created by a team of women-experts, who gather knowledge from their individual experiences. They follow their passion for discovery – leading complex research and creating innovative cosmetic formulas, in order to help women feel and look even more beautiful. Female scientists at Lirene Science Laboratory are women just like us – busy, hectic

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Lirene Resveratrol Serum 30Ml*

12.00 $
Description Lirene Serum Provides In-Depth Regeneration And Renewal Of The Epidermis. It Rejuvenates And Effectively Reduces The Visibility Of Wrinkles.

Lirene Resveratrol Eye Cream 15Ml*

8.00 $
Description Lirene Rejuvenating Resveratrol – Vine Is One Of The Oldest Cultivated Plants, Whose Valuable Properties Are Used In Care.

Lirene Resveratrol Lifting Cream 50+ 50Ml*

10.00 $
Description Vine Is One Of The Oldest Cultivated Plants, Whose Valuable Properties Are Also Used In Care. Grapes Are A

Lirene Oh Just Peachy Micellar Gel 145Ml*

6.50 $
Description Micellar Gel Mission: Perfectly Clean, Soft Skin! Hero: Peach It Is A Natural Oil With High Biocompatibility With Epidermal

Lirene Oh Just Peachy Cream Butter 45G*

6.50 $
Description Lirene Oh Just Peachy! – Face Butter. Perfectly Cleanses The Skin Of Make-Up. The Formula Enriched With Peach Kernel

Lirene Oh Just Peachy Eye Gel 15Ml*

6.50 $
Description Lirene Oh Just Peachy! – Soothing Eye Cream-Gel With A Cooling Effect Mission: Reduction Of Dark Circles And ‘Bags’

Lirene Under 20 Prebiotic Toner 200Ml*

6.00 $
Description Under 20 Mattifying Toner For Black Heads. Mattifying Toner Removes Blackheads And Sebum Excess.

Lirene, Pink Hand Cream, 75Ml

4.70 $
Intense nourishing hand and nail cream with rose extract and shea butter.

Lirene, Bamboo Scrub With Mint Extract, 75Ml

5.00 $
LIRENE Bamboo & Mint Scrub 150ml The Lirene Facial Gel effectively removes makeup residues and excess sebum, enveloping the skin

Lirene, Foot Cream 30% Urea, 75Ml

4.70 $
Lirene foot cream mask with 30% urea is the ideal solution for complete nutrition of dry and chapped skin on

Lirene, Under 20 Lynx Face Cleansing Paste, 150 Ml

6.00 $
Vegan cleansing paste with clay with the scent of green tea perfectly cleanses and mattes the skin, normalizing the work

Lirene, Under Twenty Anti Acne Face Cleansing Foam With Antibacterial Effect Sage & Mint, 150Ml

6.00 $
A face wash foam with a vegan formula and antibacterial effect, intended for cleansing all types of demanding skin: sensitive,

Lirene, Under 20 – 2 In 1 Peeling With Mask, 150Ml

6.00 $
Vegan 2 in 1 facial care product is a unique combination of Peeling and Mask. A gentle scrub based on

Lirene, Ultra Moisturizing Micellar Water 3 In1 Acai Berries, 400 Ml

Lirene Cleansing Care Acai, 400 ml, Micellar Waters for Women, Micellar water will remove makeup thoroughly in minutes. It will

Lirene, Cleansing Care Acai Hydrating Face Gel, 150 Ml

6.40 $
Lirene Cleansing Care Acai, 150 ml, Cleansing for Women, The Lirene Cleansing Care face cleanser is the right choice for

Lirene, Sun Protection Body Milk For Kids Spf50+, 150Ml

10.00 $
moisturizing protective oiling photoprotective Use daily depending on the needs every 2 hours before going out into the sun before

Lirene, Mrs Perfect Smoothing Washing Peeling Grapefruit And Sage, 175G

7.00 $
Body washing scrub Mrs. Perfect by Lirene exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates microcirculation and provides a gentle drainage effect.

Lirene, Firming Scrub Mango Extract, 175G

7.00 $
Juicy Mango firming peeling is an effective way to have a home spa. The body will delight with its firmness,

Lirene, No More Drama Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub Coffee And Green Tea, 175 G

7.00 $
Lirene No More Drama! anti-cellulite body scrub – firms and smoothes – reduces cellulite – has a pleasant smell of

Lirene, Truff Love Body Cream, 200 Ml

6.00 $
Trufflove Body Cream body cream for very dry skin

Lirene, Trufflove Body Elixir, 175 Ml

6.00 $
Moisturizers Smoothing making it more flexible intensively moisturizes reducing the feeling of tension

Lirene, Trufflove Body & Hair Serum Spray, 125 Ml

6.00 $
hydrates deeply leaves the skin flexible and supple gives your hair intense shine vegan product contains a minimum of 99%

Lirene, Mezo Collagene Creme De Nuit First Wrinkles, 50Ml

11.00 $
MEZO Collagen NIGHT cream is a biotechnological solution inspired by mesotherapy treatments. The ingredients stimulate collagen synthesis and improve communication

Lirene, Sun Protection Kids Body Lotion Spf50, 150Ml

10.00 $
Milk ensures the safety of baby’s delicate skin 1. Effective Protection: The UVA/UVB photostable filter system effectively protects against sunburn

Lirene, Facial Cleansing Foam Make Me Soft, 150Ml

Ultra-gentle skin cleansing! The light and fluffy texture of the foam makes the skin smooth and soft to the touch.

Lirene, Eye Cream Lirene Folacin Lifting, 15 Ml

Lifting cream-serum for the skin around the eyes for age 40+. Main functions: helps to reduce wrinkles and folds, provides

Lirene, Folacin Lift Intense 50+ Ultra-Tightening Serum, 30 Ml

An instant-acting serum with exceptional tightening properties is an essential complement to skin care 50+, intensifying the global rejuvenating effect:

Lirene, Under Twenty, Antibacterial Cleansing Tonic, 200 Ml

6.00 $
The NATURAL antibacterial cleansing tonic is dedicated to the skin with visible imperfections. High effectiveness is guaranteed by the smallest

Lirene, Under Twenty Anti-Acne Mattifying Toner Against Blackheads With Antibacterial Effect, 200Ml

5.30 $
Mattifying toner with a vegan formula and antibacterial effect, intended for the cleansing of all types of demanding skin: sensitive,

Lirene, Superfood Face Peeling, 75 Ml

5.50 $
A natural mechanical peeling for the skin of the face, using crushed lychee seeds as an abrasive element. It gently

Lirene, Facial Peeling Fine-Grained With Vitamins For Dry And Normal Skin, 75 Ml

5.50 $
Peeling ideally exfoliates dead epidermis, removes imperfections and instantly smoothes the skin. Yuzu and lychee purify and refresh the skin,

Lirene, Coarse-Grained With Coconut For Oily And Combination Skin, 75 Ml

5.50 $
Peeling eliminates imperfections and reduces excess sebum, reducing oiliness of the skin. Natural coconut flakes immersed in a gel formula

Lirene, Under Twenty, Anti-Acne, Enzymatic Antibacterial Peeling, 75 Ml

6.00 $
Enzyme peeling for Under Twenty Anti Acne with antibacterial effect. Efficiently enhances wilted clitiny, pomitly paints the camp, changes the

Lirene, Delicate And Smooth 3% Urea Socks

6.00 $
lirene regenerating socks are an innovative two-step treatment that you can perform yourself at home: the intensely smoothing coarse enzymatic

Lirene, Natura Soothing Micellar Water, 400Ml

The micellar water cleanses the eyes and the face with its innovative formula. It removes dirt and impurities as well

Lirene, Natura Eco Regenrating Foot Cream-Serum Organic Lavender, 75Ml

It contains 97% organic and natural ingredients. It is intended for daily care of dry and very dry skin. It

Lirene, Natura Eco Hand And Nail Moisturizing Cream, 75 Ml

Eco hand cream is 97% organic and natural ingredients that provide immediate hydration. Organic mallow extract regenerates and reduces microdamages.

Lirene, Natura Eco Body Lotion Flax & Hemp Oil Moisturizing, 350 Ml

6.40 $
Lirene Natura, 350 ml, Women’s Body Milk, Lirene Natura Body Lotion provides the skin with the necessary hydration and gives

Lirene, Natura Eco Body Firming Lotion Wheat Germ Oil & Hemp Oil, 350Ml

6.40 $
Eco body lotion with wheat germ oil and hemp oil with an exceptionally rich formula contains as much as 98%

Lirene, Superfood Acai & Guarana Antibacterial Facial Cleansing Foam, 150Ml

6.50 $
Natural cleansing foam thoroughly and gently cleanses the skin, leaving it refreshed and cleansed. Provides the skin with energy for

Lirene, Green Retinol Tightening Face Serum, 30 Ml

8.10 $
The concentrated serum counteracts wrinkles and fine lines around the eye region and lip area. The active ingredient complex contains

Lirene, Youth Formula Eco Mist Spray With Poppy Flower, 100Ml

5.30 $
Lirene’s Youth Formula. Face mist. It is designed for all skin types. As much as 99% is made of natural

Lirene, Youth Formula Bio Serum With Poppy Flower, 30Ml

Smoothing serum improves tension and elasticity, reducing the visibility of expression lines. It deeply moisturizes the skin and delicately illuminates

Lirene, Make Me Fresh! Yuzu & Moringa Oil Fruity Face Gel

6.00 $
The gel cleanses the skin of impurities and leaves it velvety and smooth.

Lirene, Washing Gel Volcanic For Oily And Combination Skin, 150 Ml

6.00 $
Volcanic igneous rock – 100% natural origin exfoliating capsules remove dead skin epidermis. Coconut water – smoothes and evens out

Lirene, Micellar Gel With Sea Water For Sensitive And Capillary Skin, 190 Ml

Due to the content of micelles, the gel effectively removes impurities without drying the skin. The probiotic strengthens and protects

Lirene, Rose Hydrolate, 100Ml

6.00 $
Lirene damask rose hydrosol. It is 100% natural rose water, produced in the process of distilling fresh plants with steam,