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Bell Ultra Mat Liquid Lipstick 01

Description Liquid matte lipstick with an intense finish and great coverage from the first application, easy and precise, does not

Bell Secretale Velvet Lipstick 001

Description Bar from the lips of long duration with matte finish of the Secretale collection. It moisturizes and softens lips

Bell Rouge Modelling Hypo Allergenic 01

Contains ultra-micronized talc, which ensures easy application and leaves the skin silky soft to the touch. Gives silky, sensual finish

Bell My Everyday Lipstick 01

Description Easy and precise application, it provides a matte finish that does not dry the lips, but moisturizes and softens

Bell My Everyday Concealer Stick 01

Description Hides imperfections and skin discoloration effectively. It improves the appearance of the skin and provides smoothness to the structure

Bell Hypoallergenic Tint Eyeliner Pen

Description Thanks to its special formula, you can get an intense and long-lasting line. The eyeliner has a special tip

Bell Hypoallergenic Thin Eyeliner Pencil 01

Description Super precise eyeliner ? perfect solution for beginners ? lovers of sensuous lines on the eyelids. Their colour is

Bell Hypoallergenic Soft Cream Concealer 01

Description Soft Cream Camouflage Concealer This concealer provides full coverage and is perfect for hiding imperfections of the skin and

Bell Hypoallergenic Rich Mat Lipstick

Description Fall in love with the rich formula of the new Hypoallergenic Rich Mat Lipstick and enjoy the intense colour

Bell Hypoallergenic Precise Liquid Eyeliner 01

Desciption Long-lasting and with a deep color eyes eyeliner. With a practical and flexible applicator with which you will get

Bell Hypoallergenic Powder Lipstick

Description Gives a matt, velvety effect and the impression of incredibly smooth lips. The application is light and delicate. Thanks

Bell Hypoallergenic Nude Liquid Powder 01

Description Looking for a lightweight, powder-like foundation Look no further for Bell Hypoallergenic Powder Finish Foundation that hides imperfections while

Bell Hypoallergenic Melting Moisture Lipstick

Bell HYPOAllergenic Melting Moisture Lipstick 02-Soft Cream Velvet formula of the lipstick provides intense shiny effect of glossy lips. Extremely

Bell Hypoallergenic Mat Liquid Lipstick

Description The hottest, full-coverage shades and a long-lasting mat effect in just one stroke. Its liquid formula makes the application

Bell Hypoallergenic make-up base Great Cover

Description Bell HYPOAllergenic Mat &Smooth Make Up Base. The base applied on the skin before putting on makeup extends its

Bell Hypoallergenic Long Wear Eye Pencil 01

Intense eye pencil suitable for people with sensitive eyes, using glasses or contact lenses. Thanks to the special polymer content

Bell Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Nail Enamel

Long-lasting hypoallergenic Nail Polish. ?Its modern formula allows a breathe and they oxygenate the surface of the nail through the

Bell Hypoallergenic Liquid Eye Concealer 01

Description Protects the delicate skin under the eyes and optically reduces wrinkles. It adapts to the structure of the skin,

Bell HYPOAllergenic Lightening Concealer 01

Description Leaves the effect of moistened, slightly tense and smoothed skin. Silica particles of special shape contained in the concealer

Bell Hypoallergenic Full Cover Foundation 01

Description Hypo Full Cover Makeup Base by Bell Hypo for full coverage, unifying skin tone and concealing imperfections. It is

Bell Hypoallergenic Fresh Mat Liquid Lipstick

Description The light and long-lasting formula leaves a matte, fully covering finish on the lips. The innovative composition makes the

Bell Hypoallergenic Fresh Bronze Powder 01

Description ? Provides the face with a subtle and natural tan. ? These powders match the tone of the skin

Bell Hypoallergenic French Nail Enamel

Hypoallergenic French manicure. Glazes give a healthy-looking nails. The technologically advanced formula oxygenates the plate of nails under the enamel.

Bell Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow Palette 01

An eye shadow palette with eight highly pigmented shades that can be melted, mixed and applied together to create endless

Bell Hypoallergenic Eye Brow Set 01

Modelling eyebrow styling kit. Corrects the shape of the eyebrows It highlights their natural colour Precise in use He emphasises

Bell Hypoallergenic Cover Eye & Skin Concealer 20

Description The HYPOAllergenic Cover Eye & Skin Concealer camouflages all skin impurities and is comfortable to wear all day. The

Bell Hypoallergenic Brow Liner

Description Bell hypoallergenic eyebrow pencil Brow Liner. This pencil is ideal for defining and delineating the desired shape of the

Bell Hypoallergenic Blend Stick Make 04

Description Makeup stick, with automatic, brush is not needed for your application. ? It has a double effect: ? Unifies

Bell Hypoallergenic 5In1 Foundation Spf 03

Description A multifunction formula foundation. Thanks to its moisturizing components it does not highlight dry skin patches. It easily spreads

Bell Hypo Multi Bronzer Powder 01

Treat yourself to an appetising tan with pearly highlights! The light texture spreads easily on the skin and gives it

Bell Hypo Long Lasting Nail Enamel

Long-lasting hypoallergenic Nail Polish. ?Its modern formula allows a breathe and they oxygenate the surface of the nail through the

Bell Hypo Fresh Mat Pocket Powder

Bell HYPOAllergenic Fresh Mat Pocket Powder with Mirror Lid – 01 Alabaster Hypoallergenic matting powder. It gives the skin a

Bell Hypo Compact Powder Spf 50

Description Bell Hypo Hypoallergenic Compact Powder SPF50 with a matte finish and a high degree of protection against the harmful

Bell Full Shine Eyeshadow 01

Description: Give your look a bright touch with the new eye shadow of Bell. Ideal size to carry in the

Bell Colour Lipstick 07

Description: ? New generation of lipsticks. ? A great variety of timeless tones with a satin effect. ? Its consistency

Bell – Powder Hypoallergenic Lipstick

Provides a matte, velvety effect and incredibly soft lips. Its application is light and delicate. Thanks to its emollient ingredients

Bell – Hypoallergenic Melting Moisture Lipstick

The satiny formula of this lipstick provides a resplendent and intense effect on your lips. Its texture is extremely light

Bell Spring Bloom Nail Polish

This vegan nail polish provides a beautiful, long-lasting manicure with intense shine and coverage after just one coat. It is

Bell Bee Free Hypoallergenic Long Lasting Nail Polish

Long-lasting hypoallergenic nail polish The vegan and long-lasting nail polish from the Bee Free collection is the perfect way to

Bell Aloe Hypoallergenic Corrector Spf25

Bell Aloe SPF25 hypoallergenic concealer. A concealer with a light, oil-free formula that does not accumulate in the folds of

Bell Aloe – Hypoallergenic Compact Powder Spf15

Bell Aloe SPF15 Hypoallergenic Compact Powder. Perfect matte finish powders to seal your makeup and hydrate at the same time,