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Dali Cosmetics Aloha Bronzer Ab 12G

59,000 LBP
Brand:Dali Size:12g Gender:Powder Foundation Type:Makeup Category:Body And Beauty Barcode:5280060109430

Dali Cosmetics Blush Mosaic

59,000 LBP
This blush applies evenly to create an instant fresh radiant complexion. Can apply colors together or alone.

Dali Cosmetics Bronzer Sweet Sun

59,000 LBP
Easy to blend powder for a natural healthy tan glow. Can also be used for contouring.

Dali Cosmetics Cleansing Milk Removal Makeup 250 ML

54,000 LBP
Dali cleansing milk instantly removes all types of make up, including waterproof, while cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Dermatologically tested.

Dali Cosmetics Compact Fondation

This high coverage wet and dry oil-free compact foundation instantly mattifies the skin for a flawless zero shine complexion all

Dali Cosmetics Compact Powder

59,000 LBP
Easy to apply long-lasting powder for a natural even matte complexion. Covers all blemishes and impurities. Suitable for all skin

Dali Cosmetics Contouring Palette

100,000 LBP
A contouring palette that teaches you how to effortlessly sculpt, shape, and define your features. Use the four blendable shades

Dali Cosmetics Contouring Powder Palette 6 Color)S

100,000 LBP
Dali Cosmetics Contouring Powder Palette 6 ColorsThe formulas are infused with skin loving Vitamin EAre devoid of parabens and mineral

Dali Cosmetics Cosmetics Concealer Corrector Contouring Stick

35,000 LBP
A must-have for your on the go makeup kit, this lightweight concealer stick is effective and leaves a natural finish.

Dali Cosmetics Cosmetics The Rock & Roll Eyeshadow Palette 12 Color)S

80,000 LBP
Are you an eyeshadow fanatic? We are! Meet our new Fanatic Eyeshadow collection. 12 richly-pigmented shades in an array of

Dali Cosmetics Dipliner Black Rond

55,000 LBP
Rich color long-lasting dipliner,Long-lasting and smudge-resistant liquid eyeliner with felt tip applicator for ultimate control and precision.

Dali Cosmetics Eye Liner Ink Liner Black

30,000 LBP
Applicator for ultra-fine or dramatic line Quick-drying Smudge-proof Long-lasting (all day) Matte finish Comes off easily without a trace Dermatologically

Dali Cosmetics Eye Shaow Palette 8 Color)S

45,000 LBP
This compact eyeshadow palette includes 8 highly-pigmented easy to blend shades. From ultra-matte browns to deep burgundy and shimmering golds,

Dali Cosmetics Eyebrow Loose Brow Powder

22,000 LBP
Rich powdery super gliding formula for instant fuller and natural brows. Long-lasting and easy to sweep texture for quick result.

Dali Cosmetics Eyebrow Mascara Gel

39,000 LBP
This long-wear eyebrow gel brushes and sculpts perfectly each eyebrow hair in a single stroke for denser and well defined

Dali Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil

39,000 LBP
Long-wearing pencil for naturally shaped brows. Precision application to easily enhance and define brows.

Dali Cosmetics Eyeliner Chopstick

39,000 LBP
Long-lasting super soft gliding texture for an effortless application. This eyeliner delivers a waterproof and smudge-resistant finish with intense color.

Dali Cosmetics Eyeliner Elect Black Kajal Fly

32,000 LBP
An easy to blend super soft texture that glides smoothly on eyelids or under eyes.

Dali Cosmetics Eyeliner Pencil

32,000 LBP
High coverage long-lasting eyeliner. Easy and precise application for a consistent rich colour. Suitable for waterline.

Dali Cosmetics Golden Sun Tanning Oil 250 ML

75,000 LBP
Enriched with coconut and sunflower oil this suntan prepares your skin for a faster long-lasting tan. Its satiny texture instantly

Dali Cosmetics Hardener 8 ML

34,000 LBP
Penetrating formula to prevent nail breakage and improve chip resistance. Enriched with hardening ingredients for fortified, long and hard nails.

Dali Cosmetics Highlighter Stardust Powder Fondation 12G

59,000 LBP
Dali Powder Highlighter Stardust Hs 9461 Powder Fondation 12g

Dali Cosmetics Highlighting Palette 6Color)S

100,000 LBP
Dali’s all-in-one highlighting palette features 6 shades of highlighting powder to lift, brighten and correct your face features. From complimentary

Dali Cosmetics Honey Bronze Tanning Cream 250 ML

49,000 LBP
Blended with Beeswax and essential oils complex, this shimmery suntan cream keeps your skin pampered, hydrated and provides an even,

Dali Cosmetics Lip Balm

29,000 LBP32,000 LBP
A collection of nourishing and moisturizing lip balms to sooth dry lips, enriched with almond oils and vitamin E. Free

Dali Cosmetics Lip Liner Waterproof

46,000 LBP
Waterproof and creamy texture for easy and even application. Long-wearing and moisturizing formula to hydrate lips all day long.

Dali Cosmetics Lip Plumper 15 ML

32,000 LBP
100% natural cinnamon lip plumer that gently plumps and hydrates your lips with a tiny tingle. How to apply :

Dali Cosmetics Lipstick

34,000 LBP
A rich modern matte lipstick collection with a vivid shade range, that provides long wearing and full coverage finish.

Dali Cosmetics Liquid Foundation

This long-lasting foundation ensures flawless coverage all day long. The formula is enriched with vitamin E to moisturize skin and

Dali Cosmetics Liquid Lip Color Gloss Matte Waterproof

Long-lasting high coverage matte liquid lip color. The waterproof, comfort wear and ultra-pigmented formula glides evenly on lips to deliver

Dali Cosmetics Loose Powder

44,000 LBP
Dali’s weightless and naturally luminous loose powder effortlessly sets makeup all day long. This flawless powder blends seamlessly into skin,

Dali Cosmetics Nail Polish

30,000 LBP
Chip-resistant quick-dry formula for rich color and glossy finish. HOW TO APPLY: Shake well before use. Apply two coats, allowing

Dali Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover 200Ml

Nourishing instant nail polish remover. Hydrating formula that quickly removes all types of nail polish. Does not dry out nails.

Dali Cosmetics Perfect Match Liquid Concealer

49,000 LBP
Fluid matte concealer with a velvety touch for an all day natural flawless coverage. Conceals under eyes dark circles, evens

Dali Cosmetics Primer Smooth And Mattifying 30 ML

100,000 LBP
This colorless silky gel primer smoothes and minimizes the pores to prepare the skin for an even application of foundation

Dali Cosmetics Pro Base Coat 75 ML

95,000 LBP
Chip-resistant (long lasting) Removes yellow stain Fast and easy application

Dali Cosmetics Skin Hand And Body Coconut Lotion 250 ML

39,000 LBP
Dali Hand and Body Coconut Lotion is extremely nourishing and hydrating. Made with a blend of oils and shea butter,

Dali Cosmetics Skin Micellar Water

30,000 LBP
This multipurpose micellar water deeply yet gently cleanses and softens the skin while effectively removing all makeup. The caring formula

Dali Cosmetics Speed Up Dryer Transparent

34,000 LBP
Super fast-drying and chip-resistant formula for long-lasting glossy color wear HOW TO APPLY Apply one layer after nail polish WHY

Dali Cosmetics Sugar Scrub 15 ML

26,000 LBP
100% natural strawberry sugar lip scrub that softens, exfoliates and hydrates your lips. How to apply : Apply one scoop