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Escada Especially

2,025,000 LBP
Especially Escada Perfume by Escada, Show off your good mood by applying the upbeat, flora-aquatic womenÕs fragrance of Especially Escada

Escada Especially Elixir

1,584,000 LBP
Especially Escada Elixir Perfume by Escada, The woman who wears Especially Escada Elixir takes control of a room with her

Escada Joyful Set (Edp 50 ML + Body Lotion 50 ML + Box) For Women

1,728,000 LBP
Escada is a relatively new German fashion group, founded in 1978. Its name comes from Portuguese, meaning “staircase”. The distinctive

Escada Magnetism

2,124,000 LBP
Escada Magnetism Perfume by Escada, Debuting in 2003, Escada Magnetism by Escada is a warm and sensual floral perfume. Created

Escada Sorbetto Rosso

1,908,000 LBP
Escada Sorbetto Rosso Perfume by Escada, Launched in 2018, Escada Sorbetto Rosso is an aromatic fruity perfume designed for women.