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Palmolive, Aroma Sensations So Glamorous Shower Gel, 500Ml

Pampering shower gel Delicious fragrance Gently exfoliating shower scrub with Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera and Water Mint Indulge yourself

Palmolive, Feel The Massage Shower Gel, 500 Ml

Every shower with Palmolive Feel the Massage Shower Gel feels like a day at the spa. Thermal minerals are also

Palmolive, Green Apple & Citrus Refreshing Revitalizing Shampoo, 350Ml

Palmolive Naturals Fresh & Volume’s invigorating formula cleanses each hair from root to tip to restore its natural bounce and

Palmolive, Men Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 350 Ml

Palmolive Men Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Wild Mint and Cedar Wood Oil 350 ml, All Hair Types.

Palmolive, Men Shampoo With Wild Mint And Cedar Oil, 350Ml

Palmolive Refreshing Shampoo for Men is enriched with wild mint and cedar oil extract, which is 100% natural origin and

Palmolive, Naturals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 350 Ml

Palmolive Naturals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Wild Mint 350 ml, for Frequent Use

Palmolive, Naturals Hydra Balance Shampoo 2 In 1 Peach, 350 Ml

Palmolive Naturals 2in1 Hydra Balance shampoo is specially formulated for extra nourishing care. Its creamy formula contains extracts of 100%

Palmolive, Naturals Long And Shine Shampoo, 350 Ml


Palmolive, Naturals Silky Shine Effect Shampoo, 350 Ml

Palmolive Naturals Silky Shine Effect Shampoo with Aloe Vera 350 ml, for Normal hair.

Palmolive, Shampoo Argan Oil, 350 Ml

Ensures a great result after your shower. Hair becomes soft, smells nice and fresh. First wet your hair and then

Palmolive, Shampoo Beauty Gloss Almond Pearls, 350 Ml

Palmolive Naturals Beauty Gloss Shampoo with Pearl and Almond 350 ml, for Dull Hair

Palmolive, Shampoo Dyed Hair Pomegranate, 350 Ml

Contains UV protection plus jojoba oil, pomegranate extract and various other natural ingredients

Palmolive, Shampoo Freshness & Citrus Volume, 350 Ml

Palmolive Fresh & Volume shampoo has a formula that contains a mix of citrus extracts of 100% natural origin and

Palmolive, Shampoo Softy Liss With Natural Oils, 350Ml

Let your hair shine with beauty and sparkle with luxury with Palmolive Shampoo! The product is enriched with valuable natural

Palmolive, Shower Gel Honey & Milk, 500Ml

Daily application of the product leaves the skin refresh and hydrated. Hydrate your skin and leave it feeling wonderfully soft

Palmolive, Shower Gel Milk Naturals Milk & Almond, 500Ml

Palmolive Naturals Almond & Milk 500ml contains almond extract and moisturising milk. Its velvety formula respects the natural balance of

Palmolive, So Relaxed Shower Gel, 500Ml

Relax with this aromatic shower gel that is infused with essential oil. Let the enveloping fragrance carry you away. Relax