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Pierre Cardin, Cedar Ambre Pour Homme Body Spray, 200Ml

Cedre-Ambre, a hot, masculine fragrance seduces with nutmeg, cardamom and lemon in top notes, together with coriander, Bourbon geranium and

Pierre Cardin, Cuir Intense Deodorant Spray For Men, 200Ml

Pierre Cardin Cuir Intense is a sophisticated masculine fragrance that gives self-confidence and stimulates the senses. The fragrance is aromatic,

Pierre Cardin, Emotion For Men Deodorant, 200 Ml

Emotion For Men by Pierre Cardin is a woody spicy fragrance. It was released in 2006. Top notes are juniper

Pierre Cardin, For Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, 200Ml

The masculine scent offers optimal protection and gives the necessary freshness soothing and lasting fragrance and effective protection against body

Pierre Cardin, Revelation Deodorant Body Spray, 200Ml

A fresh, woody fragrance with subtle spicy notes. Addressed to extraordinary men with broad interests. Fragrance Notes: Top notes: artemisia,