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Trussardi Amber Oud Eau De Parfum

2,700,000 LBP
Search Results Featured snippet from the web Amber Oud is a Woody/Chypre fragrance with vibrant accents of lemon and geranium

Trussardi Black Extreme Eau De Toilette

2,835,000 LBP
Trussardi Black Extreme Cologne by Trussardi, An enticing and sophisticated scent for men, Trussardi Black Extreme was released in 2014.

Trussardi Blue Land Eau De Toilette

3,492,000 LBP
Trussardi Blue Land Cologne by Trussardi, Trussardi Blue Land by Trussardi is a fresh combination of aromatic and woody accords.

Trussardi Delicate Rose Eau De Toilette

1,728,000 LBP
Trussardi Delicate Rose Perfume by Trussardi, Trussardi Delicate Rose by Trussardi is a feminine blend of citrus and floral accords.

Trussardi Donna Eau De Parfum

2,925,000 LBP
Donna Trussardi 2011 Perfume by Trussardi, Described as an oriental floral, this feminine scent begins its journey with the lemon-lime

Trussardi Donna Eau De Toilette

2,664,000 LBP
Trussardi Donna contains a delicate fragrance inspired by the floral oriental olfactory family. The top notes of yuzu, citron and

Trussardi My Land Eau De Toilette

2,565,000 LBP
Trussardi My Land Cologne by Trussardi, Trussardi My Land by Trussardi is a powerful blend of aromatic and woody accords.

Trussardi My Name Eau De Parfum

2,736,000 LBP
Trussardi My Name Perfume by Trussardi, Trussardi My Name by Trussardi is a contemporary blend of floral and vanilla accords.

Trussardi Riflesso Eau De Toilette

2,376,000 LBP
Trussardi Riflesso Cologne by Trussardi, Trussardi Riflesso is a woody, oriental fragrance concocted by the brilliant perfumer Veronique Nyberg.ÊLaunched in

Trussardi Riflesso Vibe Eau De Toilette

2,304,000 LBP
Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe represents an introspective journey into the male psyche that is full of duality and seductive undertones.

Trussardi Scent Of Gold Eau De Parfum

3,348,000 LBP
Announced as rich and luxurious, Scent of Gold is made as an oriental spice-and-wood-composition. The top notes of “radiant and

Trussardi Sound Of Donna Eau De Parfum

2,484,000 LBP
The Sound of Donna Eau de Parfum (100 ml) is both elegant and non-conformist and sure to leave its mark.

Trussardi The Black Rose Eau De Parfum

3,600,000 LBP
The Black Rose Perfume by Trussardi, An exquisite oriental floral fragrance for women, The Black Rose centers around the Taif

Trussardi Uomo Eau De Toilette

2,475,000 LBP
Trussardi Uomo embodies an elegant, yet contemporary fragrance which conveys the sophistication of the Italian spirit. The top notes consist

Trussardi Uomo The Red Eau De Toilette

1,764,000 LBP
Trussardi Uomo The Red is the scent of the intriguing man with a finesse and mastery for passion Ð in