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Dior, Creme Abricot – Nail Creme

The iconic Dior Manicure nail care since 1963, renowned for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Its highly rich formula fortifies

Dior, Diorlisse Abricot – Smoothing Perfecting Nail Care

724,064 LBP
This care nail enamel nourishes, whitens and strengthens nails, while adding a beautiful hint of pink or apricot. It smoothes

Dior, Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive 10 Ml Nail Cream

This rich serum penetrates to nourish deeply and hydrate the cuticles It is designed to smooth and strengthen the nails

Dior, Top Coat Gel 10 Ml

Recreate the look of a gel manicure. Smoothed over with a brilliant lacquered effect, Dior Gel Coat makes nails appear

Rimmel, Lycra French Manicure – Nail Tip Whitener 12Ml

Apply Rimmel’s Nail Tip Whitener with LYCRA to create the perfect French Manicure look to your nail tips & follow

Seche Vite, Seche Restore Thinner

354,000 LBP
Seche Restore is the only thinner to thin a bottle of Seche Vite to its original consistency. Will not diminish

Wibo – Calcium Milk Therapy Nail Strengthener

87,000 LBP
The nail strengthener from Wibo Calcium Milk Therapy strengthens very weak nails and grows very slowly. It contains calcium, milk

Wibo – Diamond Hard Nail Hardener

87,000 LBP
Wibo’s Diamond Hard hardening nail enamel strengthens fragile and brittle nails. It contains diamond powder known for its unique properties.