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Collistar, Anti Stretch Marks Serum

Pure Actives  for treating stretch marks with a dual-action: Reduces the appearance of old stretch marks and prevents new ones

Collistar, Intensive Abdomen And Hip Night Treatment, 250Ml

A revolutionary specialty programmed to reshape the abdomen and hips during the night, when the metabolism of fat is particularly

Collistar, Pure Active Anticellulite Capsules 14 Capsules

Collistar Pure Actives Anticellulite Capsules is a special body treatment that combines the two most effective anti-cellulite active ingredients in

Lirene, Coarse-Grained With Coconut For Oily And Combination Skin, 75 Ml

Peeling eliminates imperfections and reduces excess sebum, reducing oiliness of the skin. Natural coconut flakes immersed in a gel formula

Lirene, Delicate And Smooth 3% Urea Socks

lirene regenerating socks are an innovative two-step treatment that you can perform yourself at home: the intensely smoothing coarse enzymatic

Lirene, Facial Peeling Fine-Grained With Vitamins For Dry And Normal Skin, 75 Ml

Peeling ideally exfoliates dead epidermis, removes imperfections and instantly smoothes the skin. Yuzu and lychee purify and refresh the skin,

Lirene, Superfood Face Peeling, 75 Ml

A natural mechanical peeling for the skin of the face, using crushed lychee seeds as an abrasive element. It gently

Lirene, Under Twenty, Anti-Acne, Enzymatic Antibacterial Peeling, 75 Ml

Enzyme peeling for Under Twenty Anti Acne with antibacterial effect. Efficiently enhances wilted clitiny, pomitly paints the camp, changes the