Everything you need to know about sunscreen with Lancaster

Mengotti Couture® Everything you need to know about sunscreen with Lancaster

Everything you need to know about sunscreen with Lancaster

Sunscreen is the most widely-bought beauty item in the summer months, but it can also be the most widely misunderstood.

Simply slathering on your favourite SPF in the morning isn’t nearly enough to protect your skin all-day long, which is why we’ve teamed up with Lancaster and their suncare expert and scientist Dr. Olivier Doucet to learn more about sun cream and why it’s so important.

Lancaster’s range of SPF’s and sunscreens have been specially developed and formulated to deliver maximum protection for your skin without causing irritation or any greasy-feeling.

In fact, did you know that in 1970, the brand developed a range of products especially for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco? If it’s good enough for royalty…

You should always use SPF 30 and higher; SPF 50 is especially recommended for your face sunscreen – Dr. Olivier Doucet, Lancaster Scientist

All your sunscreen and SPF questions answered

QShould we be using separate sunscreen on our face to our bodies?

Yes, like facial moisturisers, sunscreen products for your face tend to be formulated differently to body moisturisers. Unlike your body, facial skin is exposed to the elements all day every day. It’s also where some of the most delicate skin (like the area under your eyes) is found. The best modern facial sunscreens are formulated to the same high standards as skincare products. They’re designed to be comfortable to wear on your face, with textures that are lighter and more easily-absorbed than sunscreens for the body. Lancaster face sunscreens are light in texture, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, highly-effective and non-perfumed (so great for sensitive skin).
QWhat sunscreen would you recommend for particularly sensitive skin?

Even those with fair or delicate skin can step into the light with Lancaster’s dedicated Sun Sensitive range. It’s different to a normal SPF because it’s formulated with a “Sensiboost Complex”, which is basically a clever formula that isn’t packed with chemicals or fragrances that your skin could react to. It kind of wraps your skin in a layer of cotton wool (it also contains cotton extract too!), helping it soothe the skin as it protects against damaging UV light. The amazing thing about Lancaster however is that even the highest SPF formula works to increase the skin’s natural melanin release, helping to boost and prolong your tan.
QHow often should we be reapplying sunscreen in the summer months?

Even the best suncare products out there need to be re-applied every 2-3 hours. Think of it like decorating your house – the first layer of paint doesn’t really cover the whole room, and you always need to do a second coat – that is the same for sunscreen. Lancaster is water and sweat-resistant, which helps on the application but it’s always best to be safe.
QWhat is the best SPF sunscreen to use?

Lancaster is the only premium suncare product that protects you from 100% on the sun light spectrum. UVA and UVB are the most dangerous rays of light but scarily they only account for 10% of the rays you are exposed to – so Lancaster also covers you for the other 90%! Whilst you also have the highest protection, your skin is also being tricked into thinking that it is in the sun for longer with the clever Lancaster Tan Activation System. This means that your tan comes to the surface quicker and stays for longer.