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Men Barber Club Care 50 ML

430,000 LBP
, THE BARBER?S TIPS Apply every morning after cleansing your short beard and skin. Dispense 1 to 2 drops of

Men Barber Club Pomade 75 ML

220,000 LBP
, THE BARBER?S TIPS 1. Use shaving cream after a warm shower or after applying a warm towel to your

Men Barber Club Thicken J50 Eni Cream

162,000 LBP
Nourishing cream for the beard and face. A light and nourishing cream makes the beard easier to control and gives

Men Barber Club Wash 200 ML

104,000 LBP
, THE BARBER?S TIPS Every morning, apply warm water to your beard, face, and hair and massage the cleansing gel