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Glysolid 125Ml

Description: Glysolid Cream 125ml Glysolid works as a skin softener, keeping your skin supple and flexible. It forms a light

Glysolid 250Ml

Description: Glysolid Cream 250ml Glysolid works as a skin softener, keeping your skin supple and flexible. It forms a light

Dior, Backstage Blender

Egg-shaped with a bevelled side, Dior’s fluid foundation sponge applicator has a high-density, soft-touch material that deposits just the right

Maybelline New York, Powder Brush

8.20 $
This fluffy powder brush works well with loose and pressed powder formulas to provide a flawless soft finish.

Maybelline, My Kabuki Brush

9.30 $
Your perfect soft-bristled brush for any powder on the-go! Use it for setting your foundation and concealer, for bronzer, for

Shader Brush BF06

16.00 $
The paddle-shaped tip enables kohl application followed by flawless blending.

I Love You Mom Baasam Fattouh

40.00 $
Pressed Blush Powder -Multitoned-Sheer Buildable Coverage-Glides Effortlessly-Blends Flawlessly-Smoothens Skin-Frosty Finish

4 Items Brush Kit

48.00 $
All the brushes are made from the finest natural hair and each is carefully designed to perfectly meet specific uses.

Buffer Brush Bf36

77.00 $
A wide dome-shaped thick brush made of black goat hair designed to retouch, buff and set makeup.

Banana Brush Bf22

27.00 $
Bassam Fattouh uses this brush to apply and shade eyeshadow evenly for the Banana makeup look

BF. Eyeconic Kit

33.00 $
Benefit from this Eyeconic Kit which includes 2 mascaras Frange Cils and Orient Lashes in addition to an inner highlighter

Mascara Brush Bf04

14.00 $
will maximize the length and curl lashes without clumping. Bassam Fattouh uses this brush to smoothen out and blend eyebrows.

Eye Liner Brush Bf02

16.00 $
The Pointed Eyeliner brush offers smooth and precise application for makeup; Quality results and long wearing durabilityThe Pointed Eyeliner brush

Duo Sharpener

100% original * Helps to open eye and lip pencils easily

Foundation Pret-A-Porter by Bassam Fattouh

46.00 $
Benefits Blends Easily Creamy and Velvety Texture Semi-Matte Finish Long Lasting medium to high coverage perfect for all skin tones

Puff Sponge

9.00 $
Used in application of loose powder, & for reducing excess layer of liquid foundation