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Byphasse, Essential Nail Polish Remover, 250 Ml

78,000 LBP
The classic and effective formula of Essential nail polish remover quickly removes enamel. As a result you will get clean

Byphasse, Express Nail Polish Remover, 250 Ml

78,000 LBP
The formula of Express nail polish remover has been designed to eliminate the last residue of the darkest and most

Byphasse, Professional Nail Polish Remover, 250 Ml

78,000 LBP
The Professional nail polish remover that eliminates all types of enamels, respecting your nails and cuticles. Its formula without acetone

Chanel Le Vernis Longue Tenue Longwear Nail Colour Polish Lacquer

1,872,000 LBP
This Long-Lasting Top Coat Speeds The Drying* Of Le Vernis, Extends Wear And Gives Nails A Crystal-Clear, Lacquered Shine**.

Dior, Base Coat Abricot Nail Polish

This nourishing, smoothing and hardening base coat transforms the surface of the nail, preparing it for nail polish application, and

Dior, Creme Abricot – Nail Creme

The iconic Dior Manicure nail care since 1963, renowned for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Its highly rich formula fortifies

Dior, Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive 10 Ml Nail Cream

This rich serum penetrates to nourish deeply and hydrate the cuticles It is designed to smooth and strengthen the nails

Dior, Nail Glow Instant French Manicure Effect Whitening Nail Care

Its innovative formula instantly revives the natural colour of the nail, boosting the pink on the nail bed and brightening

Dior, Top Coat Abricot Nail Enamel 10Ml

With a beautiful nail polish, you can complement your look in no time. We have a large selection of nail

Dior, Top Coat Gel 10 Ml

Recreate the look of a gel manicure. Smoothed over with a brilliant lacquered effect, Dior Gel Coat makes nails appear

Dior,Dior Dissolvant Abricot, 50Ml

This acetone-free solution ensures fast and efficient nail enamel removal that is gentle on nails. Rich in nail care ingredients,

Essie Color A List 434

269,500 LBP
Gain instant celebrity with this award winning classic creamy red polish. this VIP lacquer is more than a brush with

Essie Color Aperitif 362

269,500 LBP
Classic. Bold. Pure. The perfect shade of truly rich red lacquer universally flattering in winter spring summer and fall. brush

Essie Color Bahama Mam 44

269,500 LBP
Brush on this lush deep dusty rose polish and you ll never want to take it off. it s one

Essie Color Ballet Slippers 162

269,500 LBP
An eternal manicurist and fashion stylist favorite essie s classic pale pink polish is graced with a subtle sheer finish.

Essie Color Blanc 10

269,500 LBP
Brush on the perfect french manicure tip with ease. full coverage pure snowy white lacquer creates an elegant smooth line

Essie Color Fishnet Stockings 381

269,500 LBP
Stilettos and stockings this girl isn t taking any prisoners. a spicy dark creamy red lacquer that loves to stir

Essie Color Game Theory

269,500 LBP
play your best hand in a raisin plum nail polish with red undertones and a velvet matte finish. all is

Essie Color Go Ginza 249

269,500 LBP
This soft cherry blossom pink invites you into a floating world of quiet luxury and exquisite beauty.

Essie Color Marshmallow 63

269,500 LBP
Sugary soft and sweet. this lovely nail color is just totally irresistible. for french manicures cloudy sheer white lacquer is

Essie Color Really Red 90

269,500 LBP
Brush on this lush deep dusty rose polish and you ll never want to take it off. it s one

Essie Color Set In Sandstone Orange

269,500 LBP
paint on confidence to call over that cute limon-fellow in this warm bronze nail polish with large gold shimmer pearls

Essie Color Spin The Bottle 312

269,500 LBP
Close your eyes. when you give this flirty semi sheer nude a whirl be prepared to pucker up.

Essie Color Topless And Barefoot 744

269,500 LBP
Wow you re so… relaxed. revel in the nude with this barely there soft beige pink nail color. perfect for

Essie Color Wicked 249

269,500 LBP
Award winning. forever stylish. deep dark sinister red is not for the faint of heart. strident striking and bold blood

Essie Gel Couture Top Coat

474,500 LBP
Quick drying top coat that seals and helps protect to magnify shine for an ultra glossy finish.

Essie Nail Care Apricot Cuticle Oil

299,000 LBP
Apricot Cuticle Oil absorbs quickly to instantly condition protect from dryness and provide nourishing moisture. DBP Toluene and Formaldehyde free

Filorga Hand Absolute – 50 ML

288,000 LBP
FILORGA HAND ABSOLUTE cream Hand and nail 50ML,The special anti-aging formula of the cream is saturated with hyaluronic acid, lipopeptides

Hand And Nail Treatment Cream

1,042,000 LBP
This soft body balm refreshes the senses with the aromatic essences of Geranium, Rosewood, Mint and Rosemary and the non-oily

Hand And Nail Treatment Cream – Magnolia

The magnolia’s delicate floral notes are at the heart of the legendary Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. Formulated with plant


354,000 LBP
Seche Vite was the first patented single procedure non-yellowing dry Fast top coat for nail polish that dried and protected