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Kaloo Pop Eds 50Ml

Description Kaloo Pop Paris Perfume by Kaloo, Kaloo Pop Paris perfume is specially formulated to nurture infants’ developing sense of

Kaloo Dragee Baby Eds S.Alcool 100Ml

29.00 $
Description Kaloo Dragee Cologne by Kaloo, Released in 2001, Kaloo Dragee is a children’s alcohol-free fragrance, which has almond, vanilla,

Set Kaloo 100+Doudou Bleu

Description Perfume – Comforter Box Eds 100 ML Blue Barcode:3760048931960 Country:France Category:Enfant

Kaloo Pop Paris Parfum By Kaloo For Women

27.00 $
Kaloo Les Amis builds upon base notes of blackberry, musk and sandalwood to create a sweet, powdery fragrance for babies.

Blue Is A Parfum By Kaloo For Men

21.00 $
An invitation to dreamland, Kaloo Parfums, creator of awakening presents its new Kaloo fragrance, ideal for a birth or for