The History of Prada eyewear

Mengotti Couture® The History of Prada eyewear

The History of Prada eyewear

by Maysa Choukeir

Did you know that Prada eyewear wasn’t manufactured by Prada itself!

Let’s check first how did the house of the most luxurious fashion started

Prada began in 1913 as a leather goods company importing purses and steamer trunks to England by brothers Mario and Martino Prada. Mario’s daughter Luisa eventually took over and ran the store for twenty years until her own daughter, Miuccia, took over in 1978. Miuccia began producing waterproof backpacks with the assistance of famous leather goods designer Patrizio Bertelli, which became their first commercial success.

Miuccia and Bertelli then pursued large wholesale clients in department shops and boutiques throughout the world. Prada established their second boutique in Milan’s retail center in 1983, a sleek and modern-looking shop similar to the original. The House of Prada began to grow, with stores opening in Florence, Paris, Madrid, and New York. They first presented a range of women shoes at these stores.

Prada debuted its ready-to-wear women’s line in 1989, including rich materials in primarily black, browns, greys, and creams, resulting in a basic, yet provocative design that was ‘sexy and confident’ without showing too much skin. Prada’s reputation rose to influential heights as one of the world’s most successful high-fashion companies as a result of this new approach. The Prada ready-to-wear men’s line debuted in the mid-1990s, catapulting the company to the top of the luxury fashion market and earning them another CFDA award for “designer of the year.” By 1997, the House of Prada had expanded to 40 stores globally and had purchased a stake in the Gucci Group.

Now back to the Eyewear

Prada teamed together with the De Rigo Group in 1999 to develop the first Prada Eyewear collection, which was eventually taken over by the renowned Italian manufacturer, Luxottica, out of a desire to grow the brand. The Prada sunglasses line remains an iconic accessory among the fashion-conscious elite today, with the Prada brand immortalized on celluloid and print in “The Devil Wears Prada” and extensively featured in television series such as “Sex and the City.”

The Prada sunglasses collection is of the same exceptional quality and craftsmanship that you would expect from such a prominent brand, with a strong identity and undeniable elegance. Prada manufactures attractive, high-quality fashion sunglasses as well as leisure variants.

Prada fashion sunglasses are the pinnacle of subtle elegance, perfect for cosmopolitan, in-vogue men and women looking for excellent quality and design. The Prada sunglasses collection evolves with the seasons, but there are a few essential styles that are eternal, and several that are influenced by the 1950s. In line with their apparel designs, Prada has chosen a neutral color palette for its sunglass collection, which will complement any wardrobe.

Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses, part of the active and leisure line, are inspired by the world of sport. Prada collaborated closely with the Rossa Sailing Team and some of the world’s most famous winter resorts and ski schools while developing their leisure and sport line. The word “Linea Rossa” is derived from the Italian for “red line,” and it is a prominent element on all of Prada’s sport sunglasses.

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