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Arrogance, Blue Deodorant Spray, 150 Ml

44,000 LBP
Arrogance Blue deodorant body spray for men, A unique fragrance in a unique deodorant.

Arrogance, Man Deodorant Spray, 150Ml

147,000 LBP
Arrogance Uomo is for the man with a bold and sparkling spirit, who conquers with his irresistible character. Top notes

Arrogance, Passion Deodorant Spray, 150 Ml

147,000 LBP
Arrogance Passion by Arrogance is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Arrogance Passion was launched in 2014. Top notes are

Bu Absolute Me Deo Spray

Discover the new BU Fragrance,Absolute Me. Express your diversity & versatility, what makes you unique,intriguing and special!Spray it over the

Bu, Deo Spray Golden Kiss, 150Ml

Offers effective protection against sweat and bad breath throughout the day.

Bu, Heartbeat, 150Ml

volume: 150 ml sex: Women composition: Bergamote. Black Currant Product Kind: Deodorant spray

Bu, Paradise Deo Spray, 150Ml

Hidden Paradise, inspired by the latest trends in fashion and design, makes its appearance with a highly exotic and summery

Bu, Passion Deo Spray

BU PASSION Deodorant Be yourself so different and multiple, live according to your mood and desires.

Bu, Rockmantic Deodorant Body Spray 150Ml

Rockmantic:A juicy fresh fragrance that successfully combines your romantic and rock shelf, making your irresistible. BU Free Spirit reveals the

Bu, Tender Touch Deo Spray, 150 Ml

BU In Action Tender Touch – a delicate combination of fruity, woody and musk notes, 0% alcohol and ingredients that

Bu, Trendy Deo Spray, 150 Ml

BU Trendy spray deodorant allows you to do physical activities and have a pleasant smell all day long. It is

Bu, Wild Deodorant Spray For Women, 150 Ml

Wild: A floral muguet combination that empowers you to stay Wild! BU Free Spirit reveals the life style of the

Byphasse, Anti-Perspirant 24H Men Spray Deodorant Groovy Paradise, 200Ml

110,000 LBP
24h antiperspirant deodorant for men. Stain-free, delicately scented and long-lasting antiperspirant with a pleasant aroma, leaves no traces and guarantees

Byphasse, Deodorant Spray 24H Cotton Flower, 200Ml

110,000 LBP
Spray deodorant with a subtle cotton flower scent. This unisex deodorant provides long-lasting protection, while providing a feeling of freshness.

Dior, Addict Deodorant Spray,100Ml

Dior Addict, sensations on the skin Fresh, woody and floral at the same time, Dior Addict perfumed deodorant has been

Dior, Eau Sauvage, Alcohol-Free Stick Deodorant, 75Ml

A lightly scented and alcohol-free formula for lasting, gentle protection.

Dior, Eau Sauvage, Spray Deodorant,150Ml

A lightly scented and alcohol-free formula for lasting, gentle protection.

Dior, Fahrenheit 32 Deodorant Stick Alcohol Free 75 Ml

Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior for Men, Deodorant Stick Alcohol Free. After bathing, apply a generous amount of deodorant to

Dior, Fahrenheit, Alcohol-Free Stick Deodorant, 75Ml

A lightly scented and alcohol-free formula for lasting, gentle protection.

Dior, Fahrenheit, Spray Deodorant,150Ml

A lightly scented and fresh formula for lasting, gentle protection.

Dior, Homme Deodorant Spray 150Ml

Dior Homme spray deodorant accentuates the invigorating notes of Dior Homme to combine pleasure and performance. Whip-cracking freshness upon application.

Dior, Homme Deodorant Stick

The Dior Homme deodorant stick delivers invigorating freshness and a formula that is gentle on skin for daily protection. The

Dior, Miss Dior Perfumed Deodorant, 100M

2,292,000 LBP
This perfumed deodorant offers protection and freshness all day long. Its gentle formula, enriched with rose extract, provides lasting protection

Dior, Sauvage, Spray Deodorant, 150Ml

A fresh and subtly scented formula for long-lasting protection that is soft on skin.

Jovan, Deo Platinum Musk, 150Ml

98,000 LBP
Bring a touch of sweetness to your life with jovan musk by jovan. This mix of light musk scents and

Lady Speed Stick, 24 Hour Deodorant Invisible Dry Powder Fresh Scent, 40Gr

Refreshes you with its scintillating scent Stays on for hours on end, helping you feeling clean and fresh Ideal choice

Lady Speed Stick, 48 H Roll On Derma + Pearl, 45 Gr

Get a uniform and lighter tone thanks to the alcohol-free formula of Lady Speed Stick Derma + Pearl Rinse Antiperspirant,

Lady Speed Stick, Aloe Protect Sensitive Antiperspirant Stick, 45G

A great deodorant stick with a cool and fresh scent that offers 48-hour odour protection.

Lady Speed Stick, Bio Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, 45Gm

74,000 LBP
Its Bio-Control complex provides highly-effective 48h protection against sweat and odour, without negative impact on skin. Directions: Apply to underarms

Lady Speed Stick, Deodorant 24/7 Protection For Women, 45G

74,000 LBP
The anti-perspirant technology gives you a 24-hour efficacy . It also ensures you feel fresh all day long . A

Lady Speed Stick, Fresh Fusion 24/7 40Gr

74,000 LBP
Sweat and odor control up to 48 hours Suitable for all skin types Leaves no messy residue behind Daringly fresh

Lady Speed Stick, Orchard Blossom Antiperspirant Stick,65G

Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorant, Fresh Infusions Invisible Solid, helps you feel forever fresh with 48 hour protection and a

Lady Speed ​​Stick, Shower Fresh, 40 Gr

74,000 LBP
Lady Speed Stick Stainguard Shower Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant gives protection for you and your clothes with Stain Defense Technology that

Old Spice, High Endurance Deodorant Pure Sport

Old Spice high endurance deodorant contains odor fighting ingredients which deliver a fresh, clean scent and long lasting odor protection.

Pierre Cardin, Cedar Ambre Pour Homme Body Spray, 200Ml

Cedre-Ambre, a hot, masculine fragrance seduces with nutmeg, cardamom and lemon in top notes, together with coriander, Bourbon geranium and

Pierre Cardin, Cuir Intense Deodorant Spray For Men, 200Ml

Pierre Cardin Cuir Intense is a sophisticated masculine fragrance that gives self-confidence and stimulates the senses. The fragrance is aromatic,

Pierre Cardin, Emotion For Men Deodorant, 200 Ml

Emotion For Men by Pierre Cardin is a woody spicy fragrance. It was released in 2006. Top notes are juniper

Pierre Cardin, For Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, 200Ml

The masculine scent offers optimal protection and gives the necessary freshness soothing and lasting fragrance and effective protection against body

Pierre Cardin, Revelation Deodorant Body Spray, 200Ml

A fresh, woody fragrance with subtle spicy notes. Addressed to extraordinary men with broad interests. Fragrance Notes: Top notes: artemisia,

Speed Stick, Antiperspirant Deodorant Gel Cool Fusion, 85G

120,000 LBP
Speed Stick Men’s Cool Fusion Gel Deodorant Stick gives you long-lasting underarm protection.

Speed Stick, Antiperspirant Deodorant X5 Gel, 85G

It offers long lasting odor and wetness protection with no white residue. Helps with Keeping you fresh from morning to

Speed Stick, Deodorant For Men Musk, 85G

24 Hour Odor Fighting Formula Feel Clean, Masculine & Confident

Speed Stick, Deodorant For Men Regular, 85G

Deodorant for Men with Odor Fighting Formula Ideal for Daily Use, on All Skin Types Comfort Guard Applicator for Comfort

Speed Stick, Deodorant Ocean Surf, 85G

120,000 LBP
 24 Hour odor fighting formula. Feel clean, masculine and confident